Last week was a little rough, but we are back with three Week 7 picks. The games featured for this week are:

  • Denver at Miami
  • Houston at Tennessee
  • Baltimore at Jacksonville

Tebow Is Now Tebow. AP Photo

Game #1: Denver Broncos (+1.5) at Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are coming off an embarrassing Monday Night Football loss to the Jets while the Broncos spent two weeks preparing Tim Tebow for his first start of the season. Tebow’s story, on and off the field, is well-documented. He will lead his reeling Broncos into his home state as they search for their second win. 

The Broncos traded their top receiver, Brandon Lloyd, to the St. Louis Rams. Tebow will need to adjust to the other receivers (Eddie Royal, DeMaryius Thomas), but both receivers are extremely talented. Don’t expect many issues. 

Anyone who watched the Dolphins play on MNF knows they aren’t a good team. They are sitting comfortably in the ‘Suck for Luck’ chair and don’t plan on getting up. The entire team is a mess from the Head Coach on the way down. This is a team that is heading in the wrong direction for 2011.

I like the Broncos and the points. Tebow will have his ‘homecoming’ in Florida and the Dolphins just suck.

The Pick: Denver Broncos (+1.5)

Game #2:  Houston Texans (+3) at Tennessee Titans

Desperate times call for desperate measures. After losing two tough games to New Orleans and Baltimore, the Texans need a win. They’ll need to get that W without their two best players, Andre Johnson and Mario Williams. Other players (Jacoby Jones, Arian Foster) have picked up the slack in their absence. 

The Titans, who are coming off their bye week, have been one of the more surprising teams. Many expected Matt Hasselbeck to purely act as a ‘slowgap’ to Jake Locker. Instead, Hass has thrown 9 TDs and only 4 INTs. Chris Johnson has disappointed so far this season, but he has played well against Houston is the past. 

The Texans have more talent than the Titans and the veterans will stress the importance of winning now and worrying later. The downside is much, much more higher for us.

The Pick: Houston (+3)

Game #3: Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars

Another Monday Night Football match-up. The Ravens have destroyed inferior opponents and will look do that in front of the entire country on Monday Night. The Ravens have held opponents to 14 points per game while scoring 27 per game on average. Jacksonville prides its game plan off of its run, which will lead to problems with Baltimore’s stout from seven. The Ravens will easily take MJD out of the game without utilizing blitzes every single play.

The Ravens opened as nine-point road favorites. I think it’s a great line and it’s officially my pick of the week!

The Pick: Baltimore (-9)

To recap, we are taking Denver (+1.5), Houston (+3), and Baltimore (+9)