The New York Giants left countless NFL fans disappointed after Sunday’s performance. Beside the Giant faithful who had to endure the 36-25¬†embarrassment, countless ‘Knock Out’ pool contestants went down in flames.


Riding high after their Week 4 road win, the Giants knocked Seattle starting QB, Tarvaris Jackson out in the second quarter. Little did they know, they wouldn’t be able to stop backup QB, Charlie freaking Whitehurt! Whitehurst had his way with the Giant defense, binking and booping his way down the field. He tossed the game winning touchdown pass to Doug Baldwin (who?) in the fourth quarter while the Seattle defense held steady and intercepted Eli in the game’s final minutes. Outside of the passing offense, Marshawn Lynch ran for 98 yards and a score. The Giant tackling and pursuit of Lynch was so poor that you would have thought Lynch was OJ Simpson. My god!

Eli threw for 420 yards and three scores, but also committed three turnovers. Stats a little misleading because they don’t really justify the game. Sure, Victor Cruz had 161 yards and a TD, but he didn’t play well and didn’t step up when it mattered.

We will look back on this game and wonder what the hell happened. The Giants had to have this game and blew it. Bottom line, it looked like they’ve never played the game before. Inexcusable! This is a direct reflection on the coach.

I’ve been saying this for weeks–this is the ‘easy’ part of the Giant schedule. Things are going to get tough after their Week 7 bye. This week though, Buffalo comes in riding high after their upset win of the floundering Philadelphia Eagles. Watch out.