The objective for the Jets’ this week is concise, but often tough to do–Beat. Tom. Brady. Brady has put up big passing numbers so far (1,553, 13 TDs), but suffered a defeat at the hands of the Jets last year in the playoffs. The Jets looked completely inept on offense last week, led by the quarterback who committed four turnovers. The offensive line was an absolute mess, but the Jets are expecting All-Pro center, Nick Mangold to rejoin and bring order to the Jet offensive line. With Rex vowing to bring back ‘Ground and Pound’ and watching the Pats give up 109 rushing yards per game, having Mangold back in the fray can only help the sluggish Jet running game. Here are the three keys of the game for the Jets.

Tom Is Now Tom

1. Pressure Tom & Beat Up WRs:

The Giants showed America in the Super Bowl that defensive pressure will destroy the Patriot offense. In Week 3, the Buffalo Bills showed us that physical play with the Patriot receivers can disrupt their rhythm. Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, and Kyle Wilson need to be physical at the line of scrimmage with Wes Welker, Deion Branch, and Aaron Hernandez. The Jets have no answer for Rob Gronkowski, so watch out for him.

The Jets pass rush hasn’t been good this season and Rex often employs blitz packages to create pressure. The only issue is–New England has so many weapons to make the Jets pay. Brady has completed passes to ten different receivers this season and should look to pick the Jet pass defense.

Who will Revis cover? That’s a good question. Revis never matches up against Welker in the slot. He’s not big enough to defend Gronkowski and the Gronk never lines up on the far right. My guess is Revis will get a mix of Deion Branch and Ocho Cinco. I don’t think Brady will mind that.

2. Establish the Run:

Rex vowed to get back to ‘Ground & Pound’ yet the Jets don’t have the personnel. The Jets had an awesome run game in 2009, but Mr. T and Rex let Thomas Jones, Alan Faneca, and Damien Woody. Shonn Greene isn’t a feature back and LT can’t handle a full load. This is a huge problem for the Jets.

If the Jets have trouble establishing the run against the one of the NFL’s worst run defenses, there are going to be huge problems. The run will set up the pass and the Patriots are very beatable through the air. Look for Bill to load up on the line of scrimmage to put pressure on the Sanchize. If the run game can keep them at bay, Sanchize and the receivers will benefit.

3. Special Teams

In games like this one, special teams can be the deciding factor. Rookie Jeremy Curley ran back a kickoff for a touchdown last week. He is starting to establish himself on special teams. In addition, Nick Folk needs to continue knocking field goals down.

Beating Tom Brady is never easy. He has put up video game numbers so far and has as many weapons as he does fingers. The New England offensive line has been great so far and kept defenders off him.

After such a disappointing game last week, the Patriots are the perfect opponent for Rex’s Jets. There is no time to sulk, cry, or wine. That doesn’t mean I think the Jets are going to win, but rather, they should give a better effort this week.

I like New England in this game. The Jets are in turmoil. Namath is slaughtering them in the media, Sanchez has no confidence, and Bill can just smell blood in the water. I think this one will be closer than people expect, but the Pats will improve to 4-1 while the Jets drop to 2-3.

New England 31
Jets 23