This marks the third week in a row where the Giants will play bird-based opponent. So far, the Giants have had success going against their beaked counter parts, posting a 2-0 record. This week, the Giants will welcome in the weakest bird in the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks (1-3) always play tough at home, but are very pedestrian on the road. Despite a huge second half come back, I really don’t think this one will be much of a game for the Giants. Here are three reasons why the Giants will win BIG in Week 5

Mr. Jacobs Will Be A Big Piece of the Puzzle--AP Photo

1. Past Performances: I’m not a huge believer in analyzing prior games unless there are stark, convincing numbers favoring one side. The Seahawks and Giants have played twice since 2008. In those games, the Giants have outscored the ‘Hawks, 85-13. In just two games, the Giants rushing attack has produced 442 yards on 76 carries. Hakeem Nicks went for 128 yards last season. Those stats paint the entire picture. Expect more Bradshaw and Jacobs this week than last with some play action to Mr. Nicks.

2. West Flying East: The Seahawks are one of the best home teams in the NFL. They always seem to play extremely tough or win in Seattle. However, when they hit the road, they are not a competitive team. Especially when they come to the East coast. Earlier on, a putrid Pittsburgh Steeler team beat them down, 24-0 and the Steelers have dealt with a plethora of injury issues. In addition to the obvious time zone difference, Seattle is coming off a very mentally exhausting loss to the Atlanta Falcons. To be fair, the Giants were under equal direst. However, the Giants are sleeping their own beds tonight while the Hawks are traveling out here. Huge advantage to the Giants.

3. A Look Ahead: I mentioned last week that the schedule for the Giants will get tough after their Week 7 bye. Well, it’s going to get hard, ok. The Giants must have these games against the inferior opponents. The NFC East is ripe for the taking and taking care of business this Sunday will just get them one step closer.

Vegas pegged the Giants as a ten-point favorite. I think they’ll cover and continue to motor allow as the other NFC East teams flounder.


Giants 24
Seahawks 10