Plain and simple. The New York Jets are not a good football team.

The New York Jets gave an absolutely dreadful effort in front of the ENTIRE nation on Sunday Night Football. The Baltimore Ravens kicked the Jets’s ass up and down the field enroute to a 34-17 victory. Mark Sanchez, who completed only 30% of his pass attempts, accounted for three turnovers and 119 yards in the loss. The Jets run game was non-existent, totaling only 38 yards. Hell, the Jet offense was so bad that they only got within the 20-yard line once! The Jets failed to do any of the three game keys I highlighted last week. With the ugly loss, the Jets fall to 2-2 (0-2 on the road). Put your helmet on because some hard hitting analysis is coming after the jump…

Down Goes Mark--Getty Images

Last week, I wrote about three keys for the Jets. Let’s see how they fared:

1. Slow Down Ray Rice: AN UTTER DISGRACE….Much like Darren McFadden did the week before, Ray Rice had his way with the Jet front seven.  Rice totaled 130 yards of offense and one touchdown. Ricky Williams even ran for 49 yards on Rex’s vaunted defense. The Jets have been absolutely gashed by good running teams. Think Bill Belichick can’t wait to unleash BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Stevan Ridley?

2. Ball Control/Turnovers: ABYSMAL….Ball protection was key for the Jets in this game. In between Sanchez fumbling/throwing away the game, the Jet skill position players made no effort to get open or help out on interceptions. When Sanchez threw a tailor-made interception-return-for-a-touchdown to corner, Lardarius Webb, none of the Jet receivers even bothered to try to tackle him! Where is the effort guys?!

As bad as Sanchez was, Joe Flacco really wasn’t much better. Flacco threw an interception and had a fumble of his own. Alike Sanchez, he completed 30% of his passes. The game was just an utter disgrace if you like good quarterbacking.

3. Establish the Pass: THE RECEIVERS/KELLER DIDN’T GET OFF THE BUS! Despite the horrible play calling (I’ll get to that), the receivers started to act completely uninterested mid-way through the first quarter. Santonio wasn’t flying around like the Jet. Burress wasn’t dancing on the sideline. Instead, these two were giving up on routes and watching the Raven defense clamp down on the Jet offense.

Mr. Dustin Keller, who is normally the most reliable of the bunch, shied away from Ray Lewis the entire night. Whenever Keller went over the middle, he looked scared. When he could hear Ray, he backed down. That type of mentality is not going to win the Jets any games, let alone the Super Bowl (!!!) any time soon.

Other Thoughts:

Rex’s Game Management: Atrocious in every sense of the word. At one point, I began to feel bad for the Jets. I felt bad for Rex burning a timeout in the first half, just so he could argue with the refs after Sanchez’s fumble. All of that talk and we see nothing on Sundays.

Vlad Ducasse: The Jets traded up in the 2010 draft to get this guy. Why? Who knows. Ducasse didn’t look horrible last night, he looked ATROCIOUS. He had no chance against Haloti Ngata. No chance in hell. I almost feel like the Vince McMahon ‘No Chance In Hell’ theme was being played when the Jets were on offense because they had no chance with that offensive line.

Rex After The Game: Rex claims that he is devastated everytime he loses. However, he didn’t seem too devastated when he was hugging and laughing with Lewis and Ed Reed after the game. It looked like he was basically thanking them for almost putting his quarterback in the hospital. Thanks Ray. Love Ya, Ray. Stop with the crap, Rex.

The Offensive Coordinator: I’m not going to even name his name. He is the biggest reason why the Jets are so bad on offense. Every single play call is predictable, conservative, and boring. The Jets paid Santonio $50 million big ones to stretch the field. Has he stretched the field one time this year? No. Plaxico is supposed to be this huge red zone target who has a lot left in the tank. Have we seen that? No. Derrick Mason? He just wants to fight everyone and not play football.

The running game? I’m not going to get into it. Shonn Greene is not a bellcow, three-down back. Tomlinson is on his last legs and Joe McKnight is nothing more than a special teams player. Can we see Bial Powell? Give the kid a shot and see what happens. He has talent, utilize him.

The offensive coordinator is the biggest issue for the Jets. I read on Twitter that David Clowney was correctly predicting every single Jet offensive play. Every. Single. One. Can you imagine what Bill Belichick can do if David freaking Clowney can predict it?

Final Thoughts:

We learned in Week 1 that the Jets are not elite. We learned in Week 2 that they can trample a down franchise. We learned in Weeks 3 and 4 that the Jets are not a good football team. This team has a ton of work to do if it even wants to sniff the AFC Championship again under Rex Ryan.

Things don’t get any easier for Rex and Co. as they head to New England this week to take on Tom Brady and Bill. Brady said before the season that the loss to the Jets in the playoffs last year was the worst one of his career. Worse than the Giants/Super Bowl debacle. Worse than any other game.

The Patriots opened as 9.5 point favorites.