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He’s baaaack. Ok, he never really left.

CC Sabathia and the Yankees agreed to a contract extension tonight, hours before the burly lefty had declare whether he was opting out of his contract. I won’t get into the details, but the Yankees basically tacked on an addition year with a team option for another in 2017. He’s making Cliff Lee money (5-year, $122 million) and he’s staying in NY. That’s all we really care about.

The Yankees re-signed CC and picked up Swisher’s and Cano’s options this weekend. Cano’s $14 million option was more of a formality, but Swisher’s $10.25 million option was debatable. Swisher stinks in the playoffs, but he’s a good guy to have around (and he’s a World Champion). The Yankees must think he’ll outproduce that contract next year.

Overall, it was a good day for the Yanks. They don’t have to worry about any media backlash, the Phillies can’t try to get cute with CC, and the Yankee rotation will not be led by Bartolo Colon next season.

After a disappointing 1-2 Week 6, we bounced back with a 2-1 record in Week 7. My overall record sits at 10-5 on the season and we’ll try to make it another three wins in Week 8. This week’s picks center around these three games:

  • Washington at Buffalo
  • Arizona at Baltimore
  • Detroit at Denver


Tebow-Fever Is Rivaling Bieber-Fever---AP Photo

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Shame on me. 

Alike most Yankee fans, I sat around and pouted after the Tigers eliminated the Bombers in the ALDS. I blamed everyone affiliated with the Yankee organization for the loss. I even blamed myself for not being a better Yankee fan. My fanboy-ism over-rode my love and passion for baseball. Luckily, I snapped out of it just in time to catch the LCSs and World Series games. After last night, all I can say is–I’m a believer in the St. Louis Cardinals and David Freese. I’m a believer that baseball is the best game in the world. I’m a believer that this 30-day stretch of baseball is as good as it gets. 

Mr. Freese Sends It To Game 7--AP Photo

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I like Aaron Rodgers. If we are friends or have ever talked football together, Aaron Rodgers has been a subject of conversation for the last four seasons. After hoisting up the Lombardi Trophy last February, Rodgers is putting together his best statistical season ever this year. Through seven perfect weeks, Rodgers has completed 72 percent of his passes and averages 9.9 yards per attempt. If we compare Rodgers first seven weeks to Tom Brady’s record setting regular season in 2007, Rodgers has out-thrown Brady (2,372 to 2,125) while Brady has a slight edge in the touchdown category (27 to 22). Being compared to Tom Brady is a lofty accomplishment, but the question just begs to be asked—how good can Aaron Rodgers be?

Aaron Being Aaron--AP Photo

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It didn’t take Rex Ryan very long to open his mouth following his team’s 27-21 victory over the Chargers. First Ryan pulled an ‘Anchorman’ by saying…‘Stay Classy, San Diego’. Rex never takes his wins in strides and always acts as if he’s never won a game before. Typical Classless Rex, but this was only the tip of the iceberg..

More Classless Rex--AP Photo

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I never liked Plaxico Burress. I never liked his antics, demeanor, or his style of play. However, Jet fans loved Plax today as he hauled in one two three touchdown passes in the Jets 27-21 win against the San Diego Chargers. The Jets were in a ‘must-win’ situation and took care of their business. They are now 4-0 at home this season.

Plax--Reuters Photos

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The Mets: A 50th Anniversary Celebration, by Andy Martino and Anthony McCarron (with the New York Daily News), is a great read for any Mets fan.  It takes you through each season of their history, highlighting the main stories of each season, and flows seamlessly from one year to the next.  It does an excellent job of giving the reader a sense of what it’s like to root for a franchise that’s occasionally good, usually mediocre, but always entertaining.  More after the jump…

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Last week was a little rough, but we are back with three Week 7 picks. The games featured for this week are:

  • Denver at Miami
  • Houston at Tennessee
  • Baltimore at Jacksonville

Tebow Is Now Tebow. AP Photo

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Rex Ryan and Norv Turner have been trading verbal barbs all week. Ryan’s 3-3 New York Jets have disappointed thus far while Turner’s Chargers have started strong (for once), boasting a 4-1 record. With such an entertaining week of trash talk, the play on the field should be intense, hard-hitting, and physical. Here are three keys to this Week 7 match-up..

Norv Being Norv--AP Photo

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It’s no secret that CC Sabathia can (and will) opt out of his Yankee contract in nine days. The burly lefty, who could be entering the fourth year of his, seven-year, $161 million deal, has been the definition of consistent. Since 2007, Sabathia has won at least 17 games, struck out 197 batters, and had an ERA under 3.37 in each of those five seasons. Sabathia recently turned 31 years old and is one of the game’s durable, left-handed aces. However, Sabathia had issues with his weight during the second half of the season and was ineffective during the playoffs. With that being said, is there any way that the Yankees could let Sabathia walk once he opts out?

Jigga W/ CC--AP Photo

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