Greed fuels the mind, body, and spirit of most professional athletes, owners, and front office personel. This summer, NFL fans watched the owners and Players’ Assocation battle over $9 billion. $9 billion. Profits. $9 billion. During 2008, Alex Rodriguez opted out of his 10-year, $252 million contract to sign an even more obscene, $275 million contract. Jayson Werth accepted a seven-year, $127 million contract from the Washington Nationals for strictly monetary reasons. The team aspect was secondary for Mr. Werth and he’s only one of many examples in sports.

When Jose Reyes took himself out yesterday’s game, he did it for greedy, selfish reasons. He didn’t have the confidence in himself to finish off the game. He wanted to take the easy road. He wanted to take a batting title and likely Top 10 MVP finish to the free agent negoitating table this off-season. This isn’t the type of player the Mets need.

Ultimately, he doesn’t respect the Mets. He didn’t care about the ten Met fans that took off from work to watch him. He didn’t care about his manager or team mates. He cared about Jose and Jose only. Why would the Mets want him back? This type of player, who is uninterested in winning, has plagued the Mets for the last six years. Change is coming to Flushing and that starts with a new shorstop in 2012. Hopefully, it’s a team-first player who is committed to winning.