‘Just another team in the AFC.’

After Sunday afternoon’s shlacking to the Oakland Raiders, the Jets proved that they are just another team in the AFC. Led by Darren McFadden, the Raider ground attack chewed the Jets up for 234 yards. 234. The ‘feared’ Jets run D. 234.

Mr. McFadden had 181 of those yards, including an impressive 70-yard touchdown run. With the loss, the Jets fall to 2-1 on the season and have yet to post legit win. Maybe Rex will stop talking and start focusing on coaching his ‘great’ defense. This loss was no surprise.

Eric Smith Can't Hold Run DMC--AP Photo

Earlier in the week, I focused on mainly two keys to the game–ground attack and special teams..The Raiders outclassed (not it’s really hard) the Jets in both instances…

1. The Run Game

I told you that Mangold-less offensive line would be a HUGE issue for the Jets. Well, it was. After giving up 234 yards to the Bills a week before, the Jets were only able to run for 100 yards against a suspect Raider front. On the flipside, the Raiders gashed the Jets front seven. Darren McFadden was cutting, weaving, and just torching the Jets from the start of the game. The defensive display was terrible that the Raiders didn’t even need to throw the ball (156 yards). When they did though, Jason Campbell made Antonio Cromartie look like a high school player. Teams know how good Darrelle Revis is, so just forget about throwing it his way. The Cromartie abuse will continue for the next 13 weeks as teams will continue to key in on him.

2. Special Teams

The Raider kick coverage was pretty poor, but their kicking tandem wasn’t. Sebastian Janikowski made two of his three attempts including a booming 54-yarder that would have been good from at least 65 yards. Punter Shane Lechler averaged 57 yards per punt. Having these two players gives the Raiders such a huge advantage in the field position game as well as the play calling. Having a big legged kicker like Janikowski lets the Raiders attempt lower pass plays on third downs. This duo is the best in the league and the Jets felt the effects on it all afternoon.

I had a gut feeling that the Raiders would win this game and they did. No surprise there. McFadden is the best running back in football right now and the Jets defense has been torched twice in three weeks. Mark Sanchez threw for a bunch of yards (369), but those stats don’t really paint a clear picture. Tomlinson had 74 on a broken play and Plaxico had a 23 yarder on a broken play. While we’re on that topic of Mr. Burress, there’s no timeĀ or place for bowing after a touchdown catch. None. It made it even worse that the Jets were down with five minutes to go. Since Burress is on the Jets, then well, that type of behavior is allowed.

To Rex—The time for talk is over. Your team (mainly your defense) is mediocre at best. Stop talking about winning every game and fix the defense. Your next two opponents are coming to smack you in the mouth.

What’s Next?

The Jets will fly to Baltimore to take on Ray Lewis’ Ravens. The Ravens beat the Jets, 10-9 last season in New York, so they won’t have any trouble beating them again. Mr. Ray Rice is playing inspiring football as well so he’ll take advantage of Rex’s awful defense soon enough.