#1 Baseball Hats

Baseball hats have become so prevalent in use these days that you can literally find football superstars standing on the sidelines wearing them, even though they play the other most popular sport in the country.  Even major rap and hip hop performers wear them with pride, and as big as baseball is, baseball hats wouldn’t have the prevalence they do without their direct infusion into general popular culture.  Still, baseball hats will always be linked back to the sport that gave them life, meaning that even if baseball fades in the future, baseball hats are still likely to be found.

#2 Batting Cages

Sure, batting cages have been equipped with machines capable of pitching softballs and are often visited by kids just looking to screw around and hit some balls for ten minutes, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten their original purpose.  For batters in training, from youth leagues all the way up to the majors, pitching machines have been those reliable partners you’ve needed to get better at swinging at the plate.  Without batting cages, many a baseball player would not have nailed their techniques for swinging and watching the ball, and that’s something that baseball will always be tied to for that reason.

#3 High Socks

OK, so those guys from colonial America may have also pulled their socks up to their knees, but nothing in American culture has quite been as influenced by the use of high socks in the past hundred years as baseball.  Granted, soccer players and nerds may have their claim to fame in popularizing the wearing of high white socks, but baseball is where high socks have become legend.  They’ve been associated with A-Rod’s return to better batting with the New York Yankees (even if some attribute it to the more likely case that he switched up his batting stance), and where would Jim Thome be without those long socks shining in the daylight?  As high socks have regained some popularity with youths in America in the past few years, one can only point to the more frequent appearance of high socks in baseball recently to such success and visibility.