If your name is Rex and you are associated with the NFL, Sunday was a good day for you. For starters, Mr. Grossman threw for 305 yards and 2 scores as his Washington Redskins topped the Giants, 28-14. Later on, Mr. Ryan watched his criminals team rally from 14 points down in the fourth quarter to top America’s Chokeartists, 27-24.

Going forward, expect more of the same from both teams. Here are three things that I noticed on Sunday..

The Hats Are The Only 'Non-Classless' Thing In This Photo--AP Photo

New York Giants

Run, Ahmad.

1. Where’s the O?: Did the Giants offense even bother to get off the bus? The 31st ranked Washington Redskin defense held Eli to 268 yards and no scores. As I noted in the preview last week, the Giants needed to set the tone early on the ground. What did they do? Only muster 75 yards on 20 carries! Someone explain to me why Brandon Jacobs only had six carries. Really, please someone explain.

2. No More Excuses: Tuck is hurt. Osi is hurt. Goff is hurt. Prince is hurt. Terrell Thomas is out. Cofield is gone. A rookie is starting at Middle Linebacker. I’m so sick of all of these excuses. Where was Kiwanuker? No where! That Jason Pierre Paul kid is going to be an absolute stud (2 sacks). When Mr. Tuck is put on the other side, watch the hell out. In the mean time, I don’t want to hear anymore excuses about injuries. Shut up and play. The Rams are coming into YOUR house next Monday night. Crush them.

3. No TE=Big Problems: I’m okay with the Giants letting Kevin Boss walk. He had concussion issues and wasn’t a special talent. However, the Giants didn’t even bother to replace him! Eli Manning lost two of his two best intermediate targets in the off-season (Boss and Steve Smith). Don’t get me wrong, the starting receivers can stretch the field, but not having that safety valve over the middle will hurt Eli.

What’s Next?: The G-Men will host the battered St. Louis Rams on Monday Night Football next week. Steven Jackson and Danny Amendola are out and Sam Bradford is already dinged. It’s time for them to make a statement. If they don’t, the Eagles will surely put the Giants out of their misery in Week 3. (And that’s in Philly).

The New York Football Jets

Fireman Ed Leading The Jet Faithful

Firstly, Kenny and I were at this game. And let me tell you. The security was super, super tight. Every car that entered the tailgating area was sniffed by police dogs. The train security was very tight. When we entered the stadium, we were feverishly patted down. And you know what? I was totally fine with all of this. Some will complain that its a violation of privacy, but the sense of safety you feel is priceless.

The Pre-game ceremonies were all very good. President Bush was there to do the coin toss, the De Niro video tribute was good, and even the halftime show was appropriate. Great, non-football related stuff.

As for the game, well..the Jets showed a lot of moxie in this win. The Cowboys also showed that they really haven’t changed their demeanor.

The Best Thing Plax Has Done In 3 Years!!---AP Photo

1. Special Teams: If you read my game preview last week, you’ll see that I noted Special Teams would decide this one. And they did. The Jets special teams units scored the last ten points of the game to give the Jets the win (all in the final five minutes). Nick Folk even restored a little bit of hope in the Jet fans by nailing the winning field goal with 27 seconds to go. Dallas’ special teams were not good and that’s one of the main reasons why they are 0-1.

2. Tony Romo just gives another game away. After tossing a 64 yard bomb to Jason Witten, Romo had his team set up with 1st and goal on the three-yard line. After two unsuccessful plays, Romo fumbled away the third down opportunity, costing his team precious points. The Jets would give the ball right back, but a special team’s miscue by the ‘Boys gave the Jets momentum. A special team’s TD tied the game, a Romo INT to Revis (what was he thinking?) and the Jets went on to win. Horrible loss for Dallas.

3. Shonn Greene: Is it just me or is Shonn Greene the most over-rated running back in football? Greene was only able to muster 26 yards on 10 carries. For me, Greene has only had one great game and that was way back in 2009 against the Colts in Week 15. The Colts basically pulled their starters in the third quarter and Greene ran wild. Since then, he’s been uninspiring. He really doesn’t have any burst and he’s one dimensional. He’s like a poor, poor man’s Michael Turner. LT2 looked good in the passing game, so watch him going forward. I’m just finished with Shonn Greene.

What’s Next? The Jets will go 2-0 after beating up on the Jacksonville Jaguars next week in New Jersey. There’s not going to be much to say.

Side Note: New England looked pretty damn good last night. Brady threw for 517 yards and Ocho Cinco didn’t even get involved. The Patriot double tight-end look is an absolute nightmare for any team. Both Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski can line up in multiple positions, block, and catch passes. Gronk is a nightmare in the red zone and Hernandez is a walking mismatch. Who knows how the Jets will try to defend this, but we’ll see in Week 6.