For years, we’ve been hearing about Jesus Montero’s raw power. For years, we’ve been hearing about the moon shot homeruns. For years, we’ve heard the comparisons to Miguel Cabrera. Well, Montero hit the first (and second) of many home runs to come. Robbie Cano added in a Grand Slam in the second inning as the Yanks out-muscled the O’s, 11-10. 

The First of Many

I’m not going to sit here and anoint Jesus as the next Babe Ruth, ok. He’s been doing some good things at the plate and had a very good afternoon. Going forward, Montero doesn’t have a spot in the field. Martin has been great behind the plate and the DH slot will likely be a revolving door between Montero, A-Rod, Chavez (against righties), and others. I’m all for giving the kid a chance, but long-term, the facts remain the facts—he doesn’t have a position.

Freddy Garcia started today and had his most forgettable performance of the year (2.2 innings, 7 ERs). Despite his dreadful start, Baltimore starter, Brian Matusz didn’t fare much better, giving up five runs in 1.1 innings. The bullpen kept the ship afloat, holding a resurgent Baltimore offense to three runs in 5.2 innings. Mo picked up his 38th save as well. 

Key Stats

3=100: Don’t look now, but three Yankees (Grandy-109) (Robbie- 105) and (Teix 101) all have 100 RBIs.

.343: Derek Jeter’s batting average since the All-Star Break. Maybe breaking up with Minka cured Derek? He’s hitting .297 on the season now. 

The Yankees (86-53) are hot, hot, hot, winning their last five in a row and sitting 2.5 games ahead of Boston. 

What’s Next?: Same two teams on Tuesday night.

7:05 PM: Tommy Hunter (3-2, 5.26 ERA) vs. Phil Hughes (4-5, 6.75 ERA)