Boy, that Hurricane Irene was one tough broad. She came ripping through my home town and left us powerless for five days. So I apologize for the lack of articles on my behalf. Anyway, the Yankees took the rubber game against the Red Sox tonight in Fenway. AJ wasn’t bad, the bullpen was solid, and Russell Martin delivered the game winner in the seventh. Things got a little dicey for Mo in the ninth, but he escaped preserving a 4-2 win. More importantly for the Yanks, they proved that they could beat Boston’s ace in Boston’s building. It’s no secret that the Red Sox have had success against CC this year, so this was a huge, confidence building win in my book.

This Sums Up AJ's Year


Fans have been clamoring for Mr.Montero for the past two years. Tonight, Jesus walked right in the batter’s box in the first inning. Yeah, Jonny Lester K’ed Jesus, but let’s give the hit a break. Even though he’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get his first big league hit, he scored a run tonight. Bottom line, Monerto scored, the Yankees won, so what really else matters?

AJ wasn’t horrible, but he wasn’t great either. Actually, compared to his last few starts, he looked like Nolan Ryan. Burnett gave the Yanks 5.1 innings of two-run ball before the bullpen was summoned. The pen was pretty good, giving up only one hit over 3.2 innings. They did walk four hitters, but struck out six. 

Yankee fans really can’t say enough about how important Russell Martin has been to this team. After watching a brittle Jorge behind the plate for the last three years, it’s refreshing to see a young, multi-talented player play everyday. 

I’ll take series wins every time, especially when they come against the Red Sox.

What’s Next?

The Yankees will head home for three against the Jays starting tonight!

Friday, 7:05PM: Brandon Morrow (9-9, 4.79 ERA) vs. Ivan Nova (14-4, 3.96 ERA)