What else can really be said about the enigma that is AJ Burnett? AJ seemingly sports a different haircut for every single outing. He is normally yelling at himself or chewing on something. He will either look like Nolan Ryan or Ryan Nolan on any given day. But lately, Burnett has looked a lot more like the ladder. Burnett has been so bad lately that I don’t given the biggest Yankee optimist can find something good to say about him. Each Burnett starts leaves a really bad taste in our mouths. I relate that feeling to doubling down in blackjack, only to hit a low card. The hand has a lot of potential, but leaves you feeling disappointed. That is AJ Burnett.

With the way that the schedule is set up, the Yankees pay have no choice, but to send Burnett out at Fenway Park next week. The double header on Saturday really puts a strain on things. However, this whole Hurricane Irene thing should rain out a few games so we won’t have to sit through that. Right now, every Burnett start feels like playing russian roulette, you never know when the door will open up.

Best case scenario? Sit AJ down for a week. Let him work on the side with Larry Rothchild and go from there. He needs some sort of mental break because sending him out every five days isn’t going to help. The Yankee schedule doesn’t exactly benefit this notion, but let’s see what happens with the weather, game outcomes, etc. I just don’t feel comfortable trotting Burnett out there right now and I’m sure you don’t either.