Each team now has about 37 games left in their regular season and the divisional races are in full swing. With every one looking ahead to the postseason, let’s see who made our weekly top ten.


#1 Philadelphia Phillies

Even though Philly went a surprisingly mediocre 3-3 this week, they still have the best record in MLB by four games. It hard to find any real weak spots on this team, and that’s the kind of build that screams World Series.

#2 New York Yankees

The Yankees move up to the second spot in our rankings after having successfully replaced Boston atop the AL East. Curtis Granderson has been just ridiculous all season and is now hitting .281 with 24 stolen bases, 35 homers, and an AL best 98 RBI’s. How much louder can you say MVP?

#3 Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox are only 5-5 in their last ten games, and seem to have caught the injury bug. Jacoby Ellsbury (back), Kevin Youkilis (back), and David Ortiz (Heel) are each huge pieces to this team’s success and are stuck on the pine. Boston will find it difficult to win the division without their health.

#4 Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers have emerged as the clear favorite in the NL Central (leading by nine games) and as a trendy World Series choice. A dangerous lineup, lead by Braun and Fielder, combined with a more than capable, if not stunning, rotation makes this a team nobody wants to see in the postseason.

#5 Atlanta Braves

The Braves have won four in a row and seven of their last ten. Star of the season pitcher Jair Jurrjens came back from a short injury stint this week and promptly gave up five ER’s over six innings for the loss. He still has plenty of time before the postseason, but for Atlanta to make any  type of deep run, they need Jair to be lights out.

#6 Arizona Diamondbacks

The D-backs have now lost five in a row, however they do still lead the NL West by a game and a half over the Giants. Arizona had the chance this week to put some distance between them and the defending champs and ending up wasting it. If they don’t snap out of this funk soon, their season of dreams could come crashing down.

#7 Texas Rangers

Everyone is picking either Boston or New York to come out of the AL, but don’t forget about Texas. Not only is their lineup filled with studs, they have a dependable rotation backed by a solid bullpen.

#8 LA Angels

The Angels are doing their best to stay within striking distance of the Rangers. Those two teams enter a three game set this week; the last meeting before they each close out their season against each other in September. This week is critical for LA

#9 Detroit Tigers

The Tigers have been working hard to shake off the early season darling Indians. They now lead the AL Central by four and a half games and are looking pretty good. The only question is whether this team could beat a Boston, NY, or Texas in a playoff series? I just don’t see it.

#10 San Francisco Giants

The defending champs are hanging on by a thread, losing 11 of their last 17 games. With Atlanta securely leading the wild card, San Fran’s only hope to make the playoffs is by winning the division. The only problem is that young and hungry Arizona team standing in front of them. 

#18 New York Mets

The Mets are 15 games out of the wild card and really have no hope of continuing their season. This team is set for a major face lift in the offseason and everyone is interested to see what moves the Met’s staff can pull off.