There’s really only one thing to say after last night: AJ BURNETT CAN-NOT PITCH

I’m finding it harder and harder to find a silver lining with every AJ Burnett start. Last night, Burnett only recorded five outs, stormed off the mound after Joe Girardi took the ball from him, yelled something at him, and went running down the stairs into the clubhouse before his line was closed off. In the post-game press conference, both Girardi and Burnett acted as if nothing happened tonight. After watching this unfold, I no longer have confidence in Burnett. His ERA has increased each time over his last nine starts. He looks completely lost, physically and emotionally, with each start out. 

Girardi has already said that Burnett will pitch Friday night against the O’s as the Yanks will keep the six-man rotation through next week (eight games). Burnett’s next start after Baltimore would come against Boston. I don’t want any part of AJ in Beantown.

Oh yeah. The Yankees lost 9-4. Burnett basically ruined the entire game. Here’s to hoping Nova can lead the Bombers to a series win today.

Sunday, 2:10 PM: Ivan Nova (12-4) vs. Nick Blackburn (7-10, 4.53 ERA)