The fight against cancer starts with one step at a time. That first step occurred at Yankee Stadium on Sunday morning.

I had the privilege of participating in the Damon Runyon 5K race at Yankee Stadium this past Sunday. It was an experience unlike any other. Aside from running the course within Yankee Stadium (and on the field (!!!), I met some amazing people and helped raise funds for the fight against cancer. In total, Damon Runyon was able to raise $610,000 for cancer research. All in all the setup was excellent, but more importantly, I was able to interact with a few different participants to learn more about their stories..

Me On The Field!

First and foremost, Kenny and I covered Damon Runyon’s race announcement months ago when we went to interview Roy White. While it was awesome to meet an ex-Yankee, I was able to meet a person who I find truly inspirational. Fabio, the captain of the running team, Team Sticky Rice, has participated in (and completed) marathons all over the globe. We spent hours talking to Fabio about his experiences and I was blown away. The name ‘Sticky Rice’ originated from the marathon he and his team members completed on the Great Wall of China (how cool is that?)  After chatting the night away with Fabio, he offered me a spot to join his Sticky Rice squad for the Yankee Stadium 5K. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

I was able to recruit my girlfriend Nicole to join Sticky Rice and the fundraising frenzy began. As a team, we raised over $10,000 for cancer research, placing within the Top 20 teams. Not too shabby when over 4,000 people participated in the race.

The course itself had A LOT of stairs and the temperature was 110 degrees on the field, but there were a bunch of water stations and amicable volunteers who were encouraging all of the participants. 

As soon as Nicole and I crossed the finish line, Fabio was waiting to congratulate us. Fabio told us about some cancer survivors he met during the race and how he even ran with them. Shortly after talking about the course, Fabio informed me that he was getting ready for his next challenge, the Mud Run. Gotta love his passion for running, something that I also hold very dear to my heart. (Special thanks to Fabio, a great team captain and one of NYSOS’ biggest supporters).

Fabio was among the many people who were there on Sunday dedicated to supporting the fight against cancer. I met a man who had recently lost his wife to cancer. He vowed to do everything in his power to continue the fight against this deadly disease. I met a woman who survived cancer and saw her dream come true as she proudly walked along the Yankee Stadium warning track. Stories like these really put things in perspective.

Most of you reading this probably know someone who has been effected by cancer. Do me a favor today and make sure your loved ones know they are loved. Life is too short and cancer continues to remind us everyday.

The Yankee Stadium 5K was another great event hosted by the Yankees for an even better cause. Sticky Rice is always looking for new team members. Make sure you add your name to our roster for the 2012 race.