The trade deadline made for some interesting moves, how does your team stack up in this week’s rankings?


#1 Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies made a move and acquired Hunter Pence from the Astros, a move that makes a ton of sense. Philly was in desperate need on a right handed bat in the order, and this was definitely the right move. This is the kind of move that can payoff when it comes playoff time.

#2 Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox are looking better every week, and now that they have shored up their injured rotation with the addition of Erik Bedard, the Sox are looking to hold onto first place in the AL for a long time.

#3 New York Yankees

This is the first time that the Yankees didn’t make a trade before the deadline since the 1998 season. That year, NY was 15 games ahead in the division, this year, they are two games back. The price for Ubaldo Jimenez was too high, but the price was not making a midseason move, could cost the Yanks even more.

#4 Atlanta Braves

The Braves made my favorite move of the deadline season in acquiring Michael Bourn from the Astros. This speedster will be a great leadoff hitter for the ailing Braves lineup. He is currently hitting .303 and leads the majors with 39 steals.

#5 Texas Rangers

The Rangers made a few smaller moves, lead by the acquisition of reliever Mike Adams from San Diego. Although this isn’t the sexiest pick, Adams is a shutdown reliever who has a 1.33 ERA and opponents are hitting just .155 against him. This is the kind of move that makes a difference when it counts.

#6 San Francisco Giants

The Giants landed Carlos Beltran and added a pretty decent bat to the most shameful lineup in the majors. I like the move but let’s be honest, Beltran is no longer a stud, and his .281 average doesn’t exactly make this move a blockbuster.

#7 Arizona Diamondbacks

A 4-2 week helped the D-Backs move to within two games of the Giants. That and the acquisitions of reliever Brad Ziegler and starter Jason Marquis proves that Arizona believes they can win, now. I must say I am starting to agree with them more and more.

#8 LA Angels

It’s not often the ace of a pitching staff gets tossed from a game, but on Sunday Jared Weaver got tossed in the 7th inning. Its actually good to see this stud show some emotion, he is going to  need some come playoff time.

#9 Milwaukee Brewers

The Brew crew now lead the NL Central by two games and are playing good baseball. This team is built for the long haul and I have no doubts that come October, Braun and Fielder will be striking fear into the hearts of pitchers all over the place.

#10 Detroit Tigers

Justin Verlander was one out away from his second no hitter of the season on Sunday when a weak single ruined his day. Never the less he is now 15-5 with a 2.24 ERA and 178 strikeouts. He is as good as it gets.

#16 New York Mets

The trade deadline has come and passed and the only players missing are Carlos Beltran and K-Rod. I must say that I am a bit surprised to see Jose Reyes in a Mets uniform. Does this mean the Mets organization actually thinks they can resign him?