For the last two years, Plaxico Burress donned the uniform of the Oneida Correctional Facility in upstate New York. Yesterday afternoon, Burress agreed to stay in the Empire State, but to join Rex Ryan and Co. After extended discussions with his two past employees (The Steelers and Giants) with a little Eagle mixed in, the ex-con decided to restart his career in the same city where it was put on pause. Burress agreed to a one-year, $3 million ‘let’s see what you have left’ deal. Here are two reasons why the Jets and Rex Ryan shouldn’t expect this deal to shoot them in the foot. (Pun intended).

Plax Talking To Da Kids

1. Jets Offensive Philsophy

Numerous questions started to arise as soon as Plax stepped out of the clink…

  • ‘Will he be ready to play at a high level?’
  • ‘Will he be in game shape?’
  • ‘Can any teams trust him?’

While it’s obvious that the jury is still out on these concerns, one thing remains consistent: offensive philosophy.

Throughout his career, Burress has played on teams that have been dedicated to ball control and strong defensive play. In addition, his previous employers have utilized his 6’5″ frame in the end zone, a void that Burress will fill for the recently departed Braylon Edwards. Despite the questions about his physical ability, he should be able to easily adapt to the Jets philosophy on offense.

2. Supporting Playmakers

Santonio Holmes is the clear cut top option for the Jets. Jerricho Cotchery and Dustin Keller will play supporting roles. Despite the strong cast of play makers Plax will play with, Braylon Edwards’ 904 yards and 7 TDs have been vacated. Expect Burress to assume a large potion of that pie, catching passes across the middle and scoring touchdowns in the red zone.

A lot of people will doubt Plaxico and rightfully so. He’s 33-years-old, has been out of football for two seasons, and signed a low scale deal with the Jets. The Jets overall fraternity mentality appealed to Plax and that may ultimately limit his upside. Don’t expect Plaxico to regain his Super Bowl-type ability this season with the Jets. Expect him to be a serviceable red zone option and mentor to younger players.

Fearless Projection: 55 catches, 700 yards, 5 TDs.