The crown jewel of this free agency class is corner, Nnamdi Asomugha. The 30-year-old Asomugha is considered by many to be the league’s second best corner behind Darrelle Revis. As many as a dozen teams are currently in on Asomugha and whichever Super Bowl contender lands him, will instantly become Super Bowl favorites. However, after giving Revis $25 million/year last season and having a laundry list of free agents to resign, can we reasonably expect Asomugha to land on Broadway?

Just how good is Nnamdi Asomugha? Asomugha only missed five games in five seasons as a member of the Oakland Raiders. During that entire five-year span, the Raiders ranked first in opponents passing yards per game(!!!) Asomugha had little help in that Raider secondary, so it just goes to show how dominant he can be. Just imagine lining him on the other side of Darrelle Revis. Could any team manage to throw on the Jets?

Reports have suggested that Asomugha wants to become an actor after his football career is over. What better place to branch out than New York City? I realize that this means virtually nothing, but it’s worth noting. We in the media are always trying to dig through every possible detail.

The laundry list of teams courting Asomugha symbolizes how dominant he is and how much of an impact a shutdown corner has one the rest of the defense. Placing that corner on an ‘island’ with a certain receiver helps the rest of the defense. Pass rushes are more efficient, quarterbacks are more prone to mistakes, etc. 

Many believe that the Houston Texans will offer Asomugha the largest contract and those close to Asomugha believe he’ll take top dollar. Asomugha is definitely expecting to receive Revis money, something that the Jets must designate to other positions. Asomugha will probably take his talents to a city other than New York, but that’s expected. The Jets can’t hog all of the top corners.