A similar trio tops our weekly MLB power rankings, but how did the rest come out?


#1 Philadelphia Phillies

Everyone knows how great Roy Halladay has been this year (and pretty much every year), but what about the Phillies’ former ace? Cole Hamels is 12-5 with a 2.62 ERA and WHIP that’s even better then Roy’s (0.92). He may not get all the headlines in the Philadelphia, but Cole is crucial to his team’s success.

#2 Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox inch closer to the number one ranking as they are now 16-3 in the month of July. The lineup has returned to normal with the return of Carl Crawford, and now that young stud Josh Reddick is starting ahead of the most overpaid athlete in history (a.k.a JD Drew), Boston is looking as good as ever.

#3 New York Yankees

The Yankees have three easy series (Seattle, Baltimore, and Chicago w.s.) leading into their next showdown with Boston. They will have to go without A-Rod in that series as he isn’t expected back until the second week of August.

#4 Atlanta Braves

The Braves lost a heartbreaker on Sunday night after Cincinnati’s Drew Stubbs smacked a walk-off homer. Never the less, Atlanta is arguable the second best team in the NL and have the pitching to remain that way. The return of Chipper Jones will add even more stability to a one of the more consistent teams in the majors.

#5 Texas Rangers

There is no doubt that the Rangers are back in business for the long haul. But does this team have what it takes for another deep playoff run? Staying healthy is, and will continue to be their number one concern.

#6 San Francisco Giants

The Giants may have a lot of wins, but they need to start hitting if they want to win a lot more. Could you imagine this team with Carlos Beltran in the lineup? The entire NL would probably start to cry a little.

#7 Arizona Diamondbacks

A few more weeks of strong baseball and we will have to start taking these guys seriously. The first of August features a three game series the Giants. If the D-Backs can pull out two wins in that series, my mind will be officially changed.

#8 LA Angels

The Jared Weaver show continues in LA as he won his fourth straight start Thursday. Even more impressive is the fact that he has only given up more than three runs twice all season, and in both those games he gave up only four runs.

#9 Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays have started the second half going 4-6, albeit against some tough competition. As a result, they are now 9.5 games out of first in the AL East and are starting to lose contact. Does anyone feel like helping Evan Longoria remember how to play baseball?

#10 St. Louis Cardinals

Which of the three teams tied on top of the NL Central do you think will come out on top? The one who hasn’t finished above .500 this century? Or maybe the one with a 4.03 team ERA? My bet is on the one with pitching, hitting, and a machine named Albert.

#16 New York Mets

Almost all the Mets talk lately is about who is next out the door. Let’s not forget about who is about to be coming back. Johan Santana just pitched a 45 count bullpen session and has has declared he is now ready to pitch in a minor league game. Could this actually be a good sign for the Mets?