A-Rod missed the last two against the Rays with an apparent knee injury. An MRI revealed that he has a slight tear meniscus in his right knee. A-Rod has two options going forward: to rest and play through it or go under the knife, miss about a month or so, and be ready for the stretch run. If you remember, CC Sabathia had a similar injury last season, played through it, and had surgery in the off-season. However, Sabathia only plays once every five days and doesn’t have to run or make quick movements like A-Rod would have to.

The Yankees are recommending that A-Rod has the surgery now, but it’s totally his call. A-Rod has gone 78 at-bats since his last home run and even watching him run the bases looks painful. I’m no doctor, but having a healthy, explosive A-Rod for the final two months and playoffs is much better than a 70%, three-month A-Rod. The Yankee offense is good enough and the Bombers will have Eric Chavez back soon to platoon with Nunez. Go under the knife, Alex and get better soon!