On the weekends, I wanted to give the readers an insight into some old-time NY baseball players that many may not know much about. I wanted to start with a forgotten player from the 1930s, who was buried in the Yankee farm system, but enjoyed a war-shortened career with the Pittsburgh Pirates. RHP Xaiver Rescigno was a member of the 1937-38 Newark Bears, the Yankees Triple A affiliate at the time, that is regarded by many as one of the greatest minor league teams of all-time. The Bears went 109-43 that season and finished 25 games ahead of the field. Rescigno appeared in 12 games for the Bears. Due to the talent and depth of the Yankee Major League roster, Rescigno had the opportunity to play for the Pittsburgh Pirates where he was a work horse reliever in 1944-45. Saves were not an official statistic back then, but ‘Mr. X’ finished second in appearances in 1944, posting an impressive 2.98 ERA. Had saves been a stat, Recigno would have saved 30+ games in each season. Recigno would stay with the Pirates for four seasons, before moving back to the minor leagues.

Rescigno was the classic example of a talented player who was buried in a stacked organization. Rescigno, who attended Manhattan College and lived in New York City, is a little known player who will be forever associated with one of Minor League Baseball’s best teams ever.