Derek Jeter reminded everyone yesterday why he is one of the best to ever put on the pinstripes. The Captain, who is hitting a very un-Jeter like .257 this season, came up big yesterday when his team needed him the most. Forget about 3,000 for a second and consider the external environment. The Yankees had dropped four of their last five games, had been overtaken by the Red Sox, and were dragging their feet with the All-Star Break only two days away. Jeter came up big again and again and again and again and again, continuing to prove why he is Derek Jeter. Jeter put his team on his back yesterday and said, ‘Don’t worry guys, I got this one’. Jeter delivered one of his vintage performances, ending the Yankee skid and tossing a 3,000 pound monkey off his back. It was a classic Jeterian performance that ranks right up there with his 2001 Flip Play against the Oakland A’s, his ‘Mr. November’ moment in 2001 against the Diamondbacks and his 2004 dive into the stands against the Red Sox.

Friends? Friends.

For all of the talk of moving him down in the batting order and off of shortstop, Jeter once again gave his team mates, media, and loyal fans a performance they’ll never forget. We’ll never see another player like Derek Jeter. Enjoy, embrace, and cherish a player of his caliber. We won’t see another Derek Jeter.