The New York Yankees defeated the Tampa Bay Rays by a score of 4-3 this afternoon. However, the final score of this afternoon’s game is immaterial compared to Derek Jeter’s historical performance. At 2:00 PM this afternoon, Derek Jeter hit an absolute shot to the left-center field bleachers to earn his 3,000th career hit. In the game, he went 5-5 with three singles, a double, and a home run in the game to give him his third career five-hit performance.

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Price 5 7 4 4 3 3
Burnett 5.2 3 3 3 9 3


In a game where the outcome was trivial compared to the milestone, AJ Burnett led the Yankees to victory against the Rays’ young lefty David Price. AJ pitched especially well considering he had to wait past a 33 pitch third inning and ten-minute celebration for Derek Jeter’s 3,000th career hit, which, of course, was a home run. Even bigger than it being a home run was that it jumpstarted the Yankee offense over the rest of the game.

The game looked like it could have gone into extras in the top of the eighth as David Robertson allowed former Yankee Johnny Damon to eventually score after he led the inning off with a triple. However, Derek Jeter hit a single past the drawn in infield to score Eduardo Nunez in the bottom frame of the inning. It was a fitting way for the game to end – the great landmark early in the game with the game-winning hit late in the game.

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3,000 Watch: After Jeter’s 5-5 performance, his career total stands at 3,003 – three greater than the great Pittsburgh Pirate Roberto Clemente, four fewer than Detroit Tiger great Al Kaline.

  • Derek was just the second shortstop of all time to get to 3,000 career hits. The other? Honus Wagner on June 6, 1914.
  • Derek was also the second player in Major League history to homer in his 3,000th career hit. The other? Wade Boggs on August 7, 1,999.
  • Derek was also the 9th player in MJ history to collect all of his 3,000 hits with one team.
  • Derek was the fourth youngest player to reach 3,000 hits – the only younger were Ty Cobb, Hank Aaron, and Robin Yount.
  • And finally, Derek was the second player to ever collect five hits in the game in which he got #3,000. The other? Craig Biggio on June 28, 2007.

In the sixth inning, Michael Kay had 23-year-old Christian Lopez in the booth. Christian caught the home run ball Derek hit earlier in the game. Christian reportedly gave the ball right over to Yankees officials, and did not want anything in return. Of course, the Yankees did not let that happen as he received four suite tickets for the rest of the season, Legends seats for tomorrow’s game, and numerous signed bats, balls, and jerseys.

What’s Next?

Although I loved watching Derek on his journey to 3,000 hits, it’s time to get back to what’s important: beating a division rival. See you tomorrow at 1:05.

1:05 PM, YES. James Shields (8-6, 2.47 ERA) vs. CC Sabathia (12-4, 2.90 ERA)