Hopefully, Derek Jeter will get his 3,000th hit tonight so we can stop hearing about it. (Just kidding) No, but really Derek. Get those two hits tonight so we can refocus on winning games. With that being said, do any other current Yankees have the ability to reach 3,000 hits? Will this milestone happen again any time soon?

Two More, Please.

Mortal Lock

1. Alex Rodriguez, 2,762 hits. Rodriguez enters today’s action needing only 238 hits to reach 3,000. Since taking over as a full-time starter in 1996, Rodriguez has averaged 170 hits per season. Rodriguez has been slowed by injuries over the last few seasons, failing to record more than 154 hits over his last three. Rodriguez currently has 90 hits this season and if he stays healthy, he could reach 3,000 by the end of next season.

Potential To Get There

2. Robinson Cano, 1,172 hits. Cano debuted a little later than Jeter and A-Rod (23), but has averaged 180 hits over his first six full seasons. Cano turns 29 in October, so he will need to maintain his elite production during the prime of his career. Cano has reached 200 hits during his last two seasons and is one pace to reach 200 again this season. For Robbie to reach 3,000, he will need to average 180 hits over his next ten seasons. There are a lot of variables in play (injuries, lack of production, etc.), but Cano is one of baseball’s best hitters. It’s early, but his total is worth watching over the next few seasons to see if he can get there.

Outside of these two Yankees, no other current Bomber is on pace to get there. Teix has 1,398 hits. Grandy Man is at 904. Yankee fans won’t care much about 3,000 hits as long as these two keep launching homers.

This study just goes to show how impressive 3,000 hits really is. It takes longevity and elite production to reach this milestone. Despite all of the fanfare and distractions, enjoy these moments because Jeter may be the only ‘true blue’ Yankee to ever reach 3,000 hits.