The Tampa Bay Rays defeated the New York Yankees tonight by a score of 5-1. In a game where the national spotlight turned its head towards Derek Jeter and his pursuit of 3,000 career hits, Yankee Universe watched Bartolo Colon have his worst performance of the season. With the loss, the Yankees have dropped three of their last four and move to 51-35 on the season.

2,998 - Michael Heiman, Getty Images


Niemann 7.1 6 1 1 4 2
Colon 5.2 10 5 5 1 4

There honestly isn’t much to say about Bartolo Colon’s outing tonight. He had trouble simply getting the ball over the strike zone (five, a season high), so he overcompensated by laying the ball in there for Rays’ hitters to slap all over the park. He gave up ten hits, two of them home runs in his 5.2 innings. The only plus from his outing was that he was able to make it almost six innings to save the bullpen for the rest of the series.

Once it was apparent that Bartolo would struggle to keep runs off the board, the focus on the game shifted directly to Derek Jeter and his ongoing quest for 3,000 career hits. Derek led off the top of the first with a double to deep centerfield. He made some solid contact later on in the game, but he was unable to inch closer to joining an elite fraternity of 27 past Major Leaguers. The rest of the lineup had an equally unimpressive night besides Robinson Cano, who went 2-4 and added his 15th home run of the season.

Key Stats and News

3,000 Watch: As mentioned above, Derek Jeter went 1-4 with a double to get to 2,998 hits on his career. With all of the focus being on Derek, I can positively say that I hope he gets two hits tomorrow night to get this chase over with. To everyone with tickets tomorrow, good luck!

All-Star Snoozers: According to MLB, Mariano Rivera will not be attending the All-Star game next Tuesday (story) to rest his triceps muscle. Also, there are rumors of A-Rod skipping the game to rest his sore knee.

What’s Next?

Derek Jeter will go for 3,000 and the Yankees will go for the win tomorrow night at 7:05.

7:05 PM, YES. Jeremy Hellickson (8-7, 3.21 ERA) vs. Freddy Garcia (7-6, 3.13 ERA)