Quick. Name the Arizona Diamondbacks All-Star representative last season….Give up? If you guessed Chris Young, you’d be correct! How about the White Sox? Matt Thornton is your answer. Point being, fans don’t remember All-Star game selections year after year. Sure, the All-Star Game has the Jeters, Riveras, and Halladays that are yearly staples, but overall, All-Star selections are a mere afterthought for many players and fans. Here are two reasons why All-Star selections are trivial honors.

Jeter 2000 ASG MVP

Here are this year’s All-Star rosters

Reason #1: Think about Hall of Fame voting. Virtually no voters argue that a player didn’t have All-Star game appearances to make the Hall. Would voters remember that CC Sabathia did not make the 2011 All-Star team when they consider his Hall of Fame candidacy? What about A-Rod in 2010? Does it make Sabathia a lesser pitcher than C.J. Wilson, who AL Manager Ron Washington opted for? Across the board, Sabathia is having a better season and a more popular player, but this ‘snub’ won’t hurt his legacy.

Reason #2: Rest. rest. rest. The life of a Major League Baseball player seems like an absolute grind. Flying to different cities every four games. Playing games every single night. These players are World Class athletes, but definitely need a break once in awhile. By missing the game, Sabathia and fellow ‘snub’ Mark Teixeira, will get an extra three days off before the second half kicks off. Call professional athletes fragile or whatever, but whenever they step on the field, there’s always a risk of injury. Baseball is a crazy game and knowing that two of my stud players will be relaxed and ready to go after the break has me sleeping a little easier at night.

You’ve probably read a ton of articles and listened to a ton of TV/radio complaining that Ryan Vogelsong and Aaron Crow (who?) are All-Stars while the David Robertsons, Michael Pinedas, and Tommy Hansons of the world are not on the team. While it may seem like a big deal at first, fans of these respective teams will be overjoyed that their pitchers will have a few more bullets for the second half of the season. An inning of All-Star Game work is not worth the threat of injury or the invaluable rest time that player will pick up. The bullets will be live on July 14th, not July 12th.