The NFL remains locked out, leaving many free agents players and their families in limbo. The top Jet wide receivers, Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards, are in this group, but have expressed a desire to return to Gang Green. However, there are a host of other talented wide receiver options that the Jets could potential be interested in. After giving the Jet defense headaches for four seasons, could Randy Moss be the key to an AFC Championship? Could the recently freed, 6’5″ Plaxico Burress continue to call New York home? Both options have obvious upside, but could potential problems outweigh the positives?

Future Teammates?

The Case For Plaxico Burress

Plaxico Burress left prison with two important items on June 6th – a red retro Philadelphia Phillies baseball hat and a pair of hands that haven’t caught a meaningful pass in more than two seasons. The former Super Bowl hero has some impressive credentials. He’s an owner of four 1,000-yard seasons in nine seasons and can use his tall frame to overmatch smallish defensive backs in the red zone. However, Burress is now 34-years-old and will need time to adapt to a new offense. Typically, free agent receivers will need time to assimilate to new offenses. That assimilation will take even longer for a player who has been out of the league. Off the field, Burress needs a new start in a new city. He’s left his mark on more than one instance in this city.

There’s no denying that the Jets need a red zone threat with Edwards entering free agency, but Burress isn’t their guy. Sure, his size is impressive and we’ve seen his tool before. But are those tools there? I don’t think so. Plaxico Burress is not a good fit for the Jets.

The Case For Randy Moss

If you play fantasy football, no player was more disappointing than Randy Moss last season. Moss, a consensus late-first, early-second round pick, disappointed owners and Patriot fans, as he only grabbed nine passes and three touchdowns in only three games. Moss made stops in Minnesota and Tennessee, resulting in 28 catches for 393 yards and 5 TDs. Moss did not have a 100-yard game in 2010. A completely disappointing year for a player who caught at least 1,000 yards of passes and double digit scores in his last three seasons.

The 34-year-old Moss has caught 153 touchdowns, second most all-time. His mere presence on the field draws the attention of defensive coordinators. Plus, adding him to the Jet wide receiver core and sticking it to the Patriots would be sweet for not only Moss, but for the brash Jet coaching staff. Mark Sanchez tends to favor larger receivers and not many receivers in the league are as dynamic as Moss.

The only issue that’s concerning about Moss is his attitude. Throughout his career, Moss has mentally checked out on certain plays and quit on his team. However, Moss has always played on teams where he’s had to follow a strict coaching regiment. The Jets give Moss the opportunity to not only compete for a Super Bowl title, but to play in more lax atmosphere, something that he’s never done. This fact alone could unlock his super human ability.

The Verdict

Rex Ryan has stated that the Jets want to bring back ‘their guys’. Edwards hauled in seven touchdowns and gave Sanchez a big target, but Holmes was more impressive. After serving his six game suspension, Holmes hauled in 746 yards and six touchdowns. Holmes is known for his game winning catches, hauling in one against the Arizona Cardinals and winning two games last season for Gang Green. Resigning Holmes should be the top priority for their receiving core.

If the Jets can re-sign Holmes and bring in a rejuvenated Moss, watch out. That combo just oozes big play ability. Burress will not be a Jet and Edwards is not a prime time player. Inking Holmes and Moss in the same free agent class may push the Jets over the AFC Championship hump this season.