With some of the best matchups of the year coming up this week due to inter league play, this is an exciting time to be a baseball fan. Let’s who goes into this big week in our MLB Top Ten rankings.

#1 Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies continued to roll this week going 4-2. The bad news is that they have officially lost Roy Oswalt until August with a bulging disk. Although to be honest, I don’t think they will miss him too badly given who else they have in the rotation.

#2 Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox had a tough week, losing four in a row at one point. Now a half game back of New York for the division lead, Boston has a three game series with Philadelphia this week. This should be a great series to watch and a potential World Series matchup.

#3 New York Yankees

The Bronx bombers have reclaimed the division lead, and with CC looking like his old self, this team is starting to get scarier. The upcoming series with the Brewers will be a great series to watch for any fan of good baseball.

#4 San Francisco Giants

The Giants are a -6 in run differential, yet have the fifth best record in the majors. All that means is that they can pitch, and get lucky. They did however get Pablo Sandoval back last week. He provides the kind of power/ average combo that this lineup needs to get going.

#5 Atlanta Braves

I’ve already written a few times about how awesome Jair Jurrjens has been this year, so I want ot make sure to give their other stud player the time he deserves. Brian McCann is batting .300 with 13 HR’s and 43 RBI’s (all best on his team). No wonder he is the number one fantasy catcher on the planet right now.

#6 Milwaukee Brewers

Another great series coming up, the Brewers are starting a three game series with the Yankees that will feature two of the best lineups in the game. With Greinke, Marcum, Wolf set for the series, the Brewers are lineup well for a couple of victories.

#7 Arizona Diamondbacks

A 4-2 week has the D-Backs just behind the Giants in the NL West. A three game series with the now struggling Indians will be a good test for this up and coming team.

#8 Tampa Bay Rays

In any division other than the AL East or the NL EAST (Phillies), the Rays would be winning. But alas, they are third in their own division behind two historic juggernauts. All the same, the Rays are beginning to click on all cylinders.

#10 Detroit Tigers

The tiger’s offense has been less than consistent this year, but Justin Verlander has more than made of for them. After another stellar outing on Saturday, Verlander leads the league in IP (128.2), K’s (124), and is tied with 10 wins. Can you say CY Young bound?

#19 New York Mets

The Mets just took two out of three from the dangerous Texas Rangers, which is good news. The bad news however is that their next six games come against the streaking Tigers and their city rival Yankees…don’t expect too many wins this week.