Yesterday, as you all know, was the 65th Annual Old Timer’s Day at Yankee Stadium. This was my second Old Timer’s Day in as many years, and this one surpassed the 2010 version exponentially. One of the many reasons this was special is that I was able to attend with my father, an avid Yankees fan. It was his first trip to the New stadium, and as we arrived, the first player we heard announced was a tall, lanky lefty named Al Downing. Although Al is infamously known for allowing Hank Aaron’s 715th career home run, my dad knows him as the pitcher who he had the privilege of catching once in high school in Trenton, NJ. Some of my dad’s other favorites came out, from Joe Pepitone to Whitey Ford.

Welcome Back, Joe - Al Bello, Getty Images

Now, onto my memories. My memories as a Yankee fan go back to the earliest Yankee games I can remember as a four or five year old in the early 90’s. Then, I started watching closely when the Yankees had a 21-year-old shortstop by the name of Derek Jeter who took the league by storm. Derek Jeter, and other players and managers such as Bernie Williams, Tino Martinez, and Joe Torre bring me back to my childhood and remind me of growing up. Seeing all of those players in uniform again really brings you back – and seeing Tino hit a home run into the short porch in right makes you appreciate how good of hitters these guys really are!

The list of favorite happenings goes on and on. From Joe Torre and Lou Pinella making a return to the dugout to Yogi Berra making his usual appearance to cap off the announcements, the Yankee tradition is one that simply cannot be matched. I already cannot wait to go back to next year’s edition. On one final note, I’m going to leave you with a quote from the late George Steinbrenner – “We’re gonna have some great Old Timer’s Days after I’m gone.” This afternoon, Boss, you were right.