It’s been an interesting season so far for Mets fans, to say the least.  To begin the season, no one knew what to expect from this squad, but many Mets fans were bracing for the worst.  In a division that featured a perennial powerhouse, last year’s Wild Card winner, and 2 (seemingly) improved teams, a last place  finish for the Mets didn’t seem out of the question.  But after 72 games, the Mets are 35-37, 3rd in the division, and 5 games back in the Wild Card race.  Before the season started, if one was to say that the Mets would be where they’re currently at, I think most Mets fans would’ve taken it in a heartbeat.  How they got here is pretty impressive already.

Just another RBI for Turner...(UPI/John Angelillo)

Before the season started, if I was to say that both David Wright and Ike Davis would both miss extended amounts of time and Jason Bay would put up stats like a light-hitting middle infielder, would you have thought that the Mets would have any sort of chance this year?  What if I would have said that in addition to this, the bulppen would have a stretch in which they blew a bunch of games in ways that triggered flashbacks of 2007-2008?  And that all of this would happen AFTER they started the season 5-13 and inspired this rant?

Considering all of this, it’s pretty incredible that they are where they’re at.  There’s lots of credit to be shared around.  First and foremost, Terry Collins deserves praise for demanding accountability out of his players and getting the most out of a limited roster.  Whether it is a timely outburst or quick demotion of a player when he’s not performing well, he’s mostly pushed the right buttons thus far.  Most importantly, he has his guys believing they can win and they play hard for him.

There are also a bunch of young players who have stepped up when needed.  Could anyone have predicted Dillon Gee’s 7-0 start?  Or how Justin Turner would knock in 30 runs in his first 44 games?  This, of course, is all in addition to Jose Reyes’s MVP campaign this year.  The man already has 103 hits on the year and 12 triples.

So, now that they have appeared to weather the early storm, what’s next for this team?  Will they have enough to make a run if/when Wright and Davis return?  What should they do at the deadline?