In case you missed it last night, Nick Swisher absolutely crushed a three-home run in the eighth inning that proved to be the game winner. Yankee fans know Swisher has been struggling, posting a line of .230/.361/.370 with only seven home runs. Despite hitting a career high .288 last season, Swisher has a higher on-base percentage (.361) this season than he did last season (.359). Obviously there’s a lot of season left, but Swisher’s 46 walks in 66 games is definitely a great sign. (Swish only walked 58 times last year, a career low).

Happy Father's Day, Steve Swisher

Over his last 22 games, the Swishalicious Yankee has posted a line of .306/.453/.597 in 95 plate appearances. I think I speak for all Yankee fans when I say, Welcome Back, Nick.