It seems like just yesterday that LeBron James spurned James Dolan and New York City. It seems like just yesterday that the Miami Heat was parading around South Beach. It seems like just yesterday that The King himself told America that they weren’t going to win just one or two titles, but they were going to win six or seven. It seems like just yesterday that LeBron James choked in the playoffs. Didn’t that just happen yesterday???

Maybe Next Year, Miami

There’s only one stat that truly paints the Game 6 picture: -24

-24 was LeBron’s +/- while on the floor. This clearly shows that the Heat were floundering big time with James on the court. In comparison, Dwyane Wade posted a +3 in a losing effort. Forget about LeBron’s 21 points from the field. Forget about the commercials, the TV shows, the LRMR brand, the Nike deal, and all of the¬†extracurriculars¬†associated with him. LeBron James played Game 6 with no heart.

No passion.

No desire.

Can anyone even take him seriously anymore? We all know he can crush teams during the regular season and early playoff rounds. But he just fades away in the big game..

There’s one intangible traits that all the NBA greats possess that LeBron does not: Coming through in the clutch.

Look around sports, past and present. Those who were clutch will live forever. Michael Jordan. Derek Jeter. Kobe Bryant.

LeBron looked scared throughout the NBA Finals and especially in this game. Would Michael or Kobe pass off a big shot? Would Derek hope Bernie Williams would pick up his slack? Absolutely not.

Even when he went walking off the court, he seemed like he didn’t care. He gave the same blank ‘I got knocked out of the playoffs, again’ stare that he normally does. This time though, there’s no excuse. When a team has two of the three best players in the world on the same team, losing a big game is not an option. I give Dwyane Wade credit. The Heat are his team and he played with reckless abandon tonight. He carried this team while #6 did his best Houdini impression. LeBron simply forgot to show up and he’ll be the butt of all jokes until he collects his first NBA title, which I don’t think will come for a long time.

Tonight is all about the Dallas Mavericks, their fans, and ownership. However, fans in Chicago, New Jersey, New York, and especially Cleveland, got and will continue to get the last laugh on the 2010-2011 NBA season.