Giants fans: start getting acclimated to the thought of Plaxico Burress in Philadelphia green.

Brandon Jacobs says that Burress, who will be released from prison on Monday, will not be returning to the New York Giants once the lockout ends.

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Jacobs has been in constant contact with Burress during his sentence, and the two have been extremely close since they both arrived in New York in 2005.

With the Giants atop the NFC with a 10-1 record during the 2008 season, Burress accidentally shot himself in the thigh in November 2008. He pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon and is eligible for time off for good behavior, so his prison time will end Monday after serving 21 months of his two-year sentence.

The Giants made the playoffs that year, but since Burress has been sentenced they have failed to return to the postseason.

Jacobs, via ESPN:

“There is no chance Plaxico Burress is a New York Giant after he comes home,” Jacobs said while attending teammate Justin Tuck’s celebrity billiards event in Manhattan.

“He isn’t coming to the Giants,” Jacobs added. “He’s got options. I would love for him to be a part of the Giants. I don’t think that is even on his plate.

“I would hate to see him go to where I think he is going to go, that is from talking to him,” Jacobs said of the Eagles when asked if he was talking about Philadelphia. “It is pretty tough to deal with all those different combinations. Plax is a Virginia guy, Vick is a Virginia guy. They went through sort of the same things and they got a lot of dynamic players down there. It wouldn’t be a bad thing, he thinks, to go down there. He wants to win.”

Justin Tuck – along with several other Giants – has been campaigning to Jerry Reese and the rest of the Giants’ ownership to get Burress back in Giants blue.

“I was campaigning before the lockout started,” Tuck said. “I will say this much, go back and see what our record was when he shot himself and how devastating our offense was (after the incident).”

With Burress, opposing defenses have to account for the deep aerial threat by leaving a safety out of the box, opening up the running game.

I think Justin Tuck speaks for many Giants fans when he says “I would love to have Plaxico back here in Giants blue.” Jacobs’ comments undoubtedly make every Giants fan cringe, however, at the thought of Burress in an Eagles uniform. While he is familiar with Eli, the Giants and their system, as Jacobs pointed out there are many signs that are pointing toward Burress joining the Eagles organization.

Where will Burress suit up in 2011?