In a strange twist of events tonight, Jorge Posada was placed ninth in the batting lineup by manager Joe Girardi. According to Jack Curry’s source, Posada pulled himself from tonight’s game against Boston after an alleged “hissy fit” after a confrontation with Girardi. Yankee GM Brian Cashman appeared on the FOX broadcast to confirm that Posada was not injured and did in fact pull himself from the lineup to Ken Rosenthal. All we know for certain now is that Jorge Posada will address the media after tonight’s game, according to the Cashman interview.

To editorialize, I believe Jorge made a huge mistake tonight by pulling himself from the lineup, on both a legacy and financial level. When talking about his legacy, the last thing I want to think of is Posada’s refusal to play in a game based strictly on where the manager placed him in the lineup. If a AA-call up was batting .165, he would not be good enough to even be in the nine-hole, let alone on the roster. Financially, according to Buster Olney and Jack Curry, the Yankees are exercising options to not pay him, based on the language in his contract. Unfortunately, this will get uglier before it gets better, so tune in to the YES Network tonight to hear the news straight from the horses mouth after tonight’s game is over.