Knick fans asked for Boston. They wanted Boston. They got Boston. And they got the broom treatment.

The Knicks had their chances in Games 1 and 2 to shift the series momentum and come back to the Garden with home court advantage, but a lack of experience cost them Game 1 and a host of injuries did them in for Game 2. With Chauncey out and Amar’e hurting, the Celtics were on cruise control for the rest of the series.

There’s no blaming the refs for Game 1, had the Garnett screen been Amar’e setting a screen for the Knicks and the refs called a foul on him, Knick fans would all be up in arms yelling to let them play. Game 2 was just plain weird. Melo goes for 40 plus with 17 rebounds and single handily keeps the team in it, but when you have guys like Jared Jeffries playing valuable minutes the chances of actually winning fall dramatically. The Knicks bench wasn’t deep enough to cover the holes left by Chauncey and Amar’e. The Knicks bench isn’t deep enough to help the team win a championship as it’s currently constructed. As a radio announcer put it, “Jared Jeffries has as good of a shooting percentage from 26 inches as Ray Allen does from 26 feet.” And when the rest of the bench looks like Sheldon Williams, Roger Mason, and Anthony Carter and Toney Douglas, the team is too thin. The team’s best bench players are both point guards, there’s no depth on the rest of the roster. That’s not going to cut it in the playoffs and it showed in Games 3 and 4 when they got walked all over on their home court.

Just remember that this is still a rebuilding process. The pieces are in place to build around. Next year the team will be better and the year after the Knicks could be scary good. But this year wasn’t the Knicks time and it became evident in Games 3 and 4. It would have been nice to see a win somewhere in the series and I expected to see the Knicks win one or two games, but in the end Boston did the Knicks a favor. It showed the front office that the Knicks still need more help, so whenever the offseason begins this summer, expect to see the Knicks as an active player. A lot of names that are not headliners will be brought in to fill those gaps on the bench. The next superstar probably won’t come this summer, but the Knicks will be a better team whenever basketball resumes in the fall.