Don’t they just love to get your hopes up? The Rangers were emotionally eliminated on Wednesday, but made golf reservations on Saturday. The Knicks were emotionally eliminated last Tuesday, but were swept away yesterday. Neither team impressed me much during the course of the season. The Rangers dealt with inconsistent play all season long and the Knicks played literally no defense and gave up after leaving Boston on Tuesday night. Both teams need a few parts in this off-season, but I’ll ask the NYSOS audience one question- what were you expecting with these teams?

'It's Been Real'

Were either of these teams championship caliber? Absolutely not.

It’s been proven year after year that lower seeded hockey teams have the ability to knock off the high seeds. However, it doesn’t happen regularly in basketball and the Knicks are two additional pieces away from being a legit contender in the NBA. Yes, two players. They don’t need superstars. They need solid role players. The Knicks need a ‘pass-first’ point guard that can help spread the floor when both Amar’e and Carmelo are on the court. The only problem I see going forward with the Knicks is, both Carmelo and Amar’e need space to get going offensively and the court is only so big. As we saw in Game 2, when Carmelo was on the court by himself, he scored 42 points. That effort still wasn’t enough, but if the Knicks added an inside presence and a shooter, they may be able to get past the first round. Miami and Chicago will be tough match-ups for the Knicks in the coming years, but adding a few pieces will definitely make potential match-ups very intriguing.

After watching MSG video montages of ‘I’m Coming Home’, featuring Carmelo’s triumphant ‘return’ to New York City, the Knicks went 14-18 with him on the team, which simply isn’t good enough for a team with two Top 10 NBA players. Don’t give me excuses about jelling. The Heat struggled, but got their act together and are the favorites in the East. No excuses about injuries or anything in the playoffs. Even with a healthy team, the Knicks would have been lucky to win one game against Boston. Boston is simply a more talented team and the Shawne Williams of the world aren’t going to stop the Ray Allens. Sorry.

(Side Note: These kids at the Yankee game were taunting my buddy (who was wearing a Celtics hat) saying that the Knicks would win in seven games prior to the series even starting! Now I hate Boston with a passion and he’s an idiot for wearing a Boston hat to New York, but I’m a realist when it comes to sports. I told him the same thing I told all of you. I don’t see the series going past five games)

Mike D’Antoni will rightfully be under a lot of heat (no pun intended) as the Knicks will have wait another season to win that elusive home playoff game. Until then, consider the Carmelo experiment an utter failure in Year 1. No playoff win? No respect. No excuses.

As for the Rangers, watching Game 4 basically summed their season up. Disappointment. Collapse. Arrogance. Read about it here.

These teams will be active this off-season, but don’t get their shot redemption until October. Until then, it’s officially baseball season in the big city (unless you are a Met fan).