The Easter Bunny hopefully brought all of you nice NYSOSers a nice basket full of Easter candy this morning. Maybe left you some Easter eggs, money, whatever. If you don’t celebrate Easter, then I hope you at least buy some candy today. With copious amounts of candy around, the New York Knicks are trying to obtain something sweet that they haven’t enjoyed in roughly a decade: a home playoff win.

The Knicks are hoping that the Easter Bunny can help deliver a little magic to the Garden before Game 4 this afternoon. The Knicks are down 3-0 to a team who is 32-0 when leading 2-0 in a series. Essentially, the Knicks are trying to dig out of a bottomless pit.

Chauncey isn’t going to play. Toney Douglas is hurt and Amar’e may not play if his back doesn’t improve. Who’s going to start at point guard? Me? I’ll go play if they pay me in Reese’s Eggs.

If the Knicks are sending out Carmelo and a cast of AAU players today against the defending Eastern Conference Champions, they could lose by 40. Amar’e or no Amar’e, the Knicks are not going to rise from the dead in this series. The Knick season ends today.