The mailbag is back. Time for questions about the Mets’ historically bad start, the Yankee rotation, and a Game 3 prediction for Celtics-Knicks.

Jason Bay? Healthy? Inside the Park HR?

Chris Asks:

You guys have been killing the Mets on here. It’s almost borderline ridiculous. I think this team has drastically under-performed this season and can turn it around. Any chance you’ll write something positive about the Mets this season?

Do you want us to write that the Mets are playing well right now? Scott Hairston can’t catch a fly ball, Angel Pagan can’t run the bases properly, and the Met bullpen is just awful. Like Kenny mentioned the other night, the Met fan was sold a bag of goods in Spring Training. Sandy Alderson told the media that this was a strong team, the culture had changed, etc. Nothing has changed. The manager and general manager are different, but it’s still the same old Mets. So, no. We (mainly I) won’t write anything positive about the Mets until they start playing good, consistent baseball and that may not happen in 2011. Sorry.

Bill Asks:

Bartolo Colon looked great on Wednesday. Flash in the pan? Or a sign of things to come?

Flash in the pan. I may be in the minority here with this one, but the regular season is long and a lot of things can happen. I tend to be a very¬†optimistic¬†Yankee fan, but the facts are the facts. There’s a reason why Colon didn’t pitch in the majors last season. The Yankees have a plethora of options going forward and if Colon can give them quality starts for a month, then I’ll take it. I don’t expect him to be in the rotation by August and I think Yankee personal would agree with me on that one. Phil Hughes will get his groove back and I fully expect the Yankees to make a big move at the deadline for a pitcher (Jered Weaver, anyone?). Until then, let’s hope our $1.5 million man (who was a Spring Training invitee) gives us quality starts for the next month before he reverts into Fat Toad Bartolo.

Kenny Asks:

Odds that the Knicks win Game 3 tonight?

According to Las Vegas, it’s better than 50%. Vegas has the Knicks pegged as a three-point Game 3 favorite against the Celtics. However, I’m not as optimistic. Madison Square Garden has already watched one disappointment this week and they’ll be in store for another one tonight. The Knicks can’t expect Carmeloto give them a Game 2 effort in every game and that wasn’t even enough to beat Boston. We know that Amar’e will be back tonight, but not having Chauncey running the point hurts this team. Toney Douglas was no answer for Rajon Rondo defensively as he scored 30 points and dished seven assists in the Game 2 win. This was easily the biggest mismatch on the court and Douglas’s 14 points really did him no justice. The Celtics still gashed the Knicks with points in the paint (40) and never got Kevin Garnett going in Game 2 (12 points). Ray Allen only took eight shots in Game 2 and the Celtics will look to get him involved more in the offensive flow.

The Knicks completely sold out emotionally and physically in Boston and came away empty-handed. Having Amar’e back can only help the Knicks, but the Celtics having an extra day of rest in between Game 2 and 3 will be the difference. It’ll be another close game, but I see the Celtic defense and Rondo mis-match as the keys to the game for Boston.