There is nothing good to say about the Mets right now. Terry Collins’ letter that promised that the Mets “play the right way” is being made into a laughing stock. We all knew they would lose this year. Hell, I think they’ll lose 100 games, but the way they are losing is downright pathetic. There is no other word to describe this team. They are the laughing stock of baseball, and the worst team in Major League Baseball.

Pitching Ineptitude:

The Mets do not have one pitcher that is trustworthy in any spot. This was proved correct tonight when R.A. Dickey wasn’t pinch hit for in the bottom of the 7th and allowed to pitch in the 8th. All he did was allow the game winning home run to Hunter Pence. If there was one reliable arm in the bullpen, Terry Collins shakes Dickey’s hand for a quality outing and sends up a pinch hitter. But who are you going to send out there? DJ Carrasco? Teams are hitting .282 against him. How about Bobby Parnell, our future closer? Teams are hitting .290 against him and the guy has an ERA of 6.14.

I don’t blame Collins’ for one second for leaving in Dickey. He had literally nobody else to could trust. Problem is, the knuckler wasn’t dancing, and Pence sent it about 380 feet. As a team, this pitching staff has allowed 20 home runs already. The Mets as a team have 10. Yup, 10. I don’t even want to hear all that bullshit about the fences being so deep. The other teams have no problem hitting them out.

Mike Pelfrey is bad. In fact, he’s worse than bad. He’s freaking terrible. He has no balls, he just throws a lot of them. His WHIP is 2.34. That’s about where his BAA should be, about .234. However, his BAA is .382!! How does a pitcher allow opponents to hit .382 and still have his job? Joe Nathan blew two saves and lost his job. Ryan Franklin lost his job, and Phil Hughes lost his job/got put on the DL with a dead arm. If this were any other team other than the Mets he wouldn’t even have a spot in the rotation anymore. But the problem, is they have no one else to hand the ball too. Sure they have this Matt Harvey or Jenry Mejia prospects that some day might make it to the big leagues. But that’s what, two or three years away? In two or three years, the Mets could have a $60 million payroll and be looking up to every team in the entire National League.

Jonathon Niese was supposed to step up this year. He’s taken two steps back and has yet to win a game for New York, but wins are hard to come by for this team, so we’ll let it slide. He’s allowed more hits (26) than innings pitched (23). Good riddance.

Position player Ineptitude:

If you watched the game against the Astros, you know they’re a joke. In the 8th inning, with the TYING RUN at 3rd base with one out, the Mets not only failed to get the run home, Justin Turner struck out and the ball got away from the catcher. Angel Pagan ran himself out of the inning and ended the threat, the inning, and essentially the game by getting thrown out at home to complete the rare strike out, 2-1 caught stealing double play. Pagan has fallen into the doldrums of being a New York Met. Lazy on the basepaths, not smart in the field, and suddenly can’t hit the ball a lick. New York is showing they DON’T KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GAME THE RIGHT WAY like Collins promised

To make things worse, Jose Reyes led the 9th inning off with a single. Jose Thole, another of the Mets young talents, admirably tried to get the bunt down to move him over to second base. I know how hard it is to get a bunt down. I watch my friends try to get bunts down at our games at the DIVISION 3 COLLEGIATE LEVEL. I’ve never seen them pop up to the pitcher so hard that it allows the pitcher to double off the fastest player in baseball though. Pathetic.

David Wright is 0 for his last 18 and is on the same pace for strikeouts as last year. He’s not an exciting player to watch anymore, because you know what you’re going to get. If its the 7th inning or later, he’s going to strike out, fly out, or pray for a walk.

The Mets of 2006 seem so far gone and it’s upsetting. They haven’t recovered from the 2007 collapse, and I don’t think they will until everyone who was part of that team is gone. That includes Wright, Reyes, Beltran, Fred and Jeff Wilpon, and the man that sells the delicious sausage sandwiches in right field.

The culture was supposed to change. Omar and Jerry were gone. This was going to be a team that competed, played hard, and earned respect. Instead, all they’ve earned was the right to have an empty stadium the rest of the season. Good Riddance, Mets.