I’m not going to lie. After I saw the Rangers were up 3-0 after the second period, I just laughed to myself and couldn’t wait to hear all of the pundits announce that the New York Rangers were back, the Washington Capitals were going to choke, again, etc. etc. Twitter was blowing up with the Ranger faithful tweeting ‘Can You Hear Us!’, Jersey Shore nobodies were Tweeting, pretending that NHLing was more important than GTLing. I just decided to watch the rest of the Yankee-Blue Jay game and flip over to Versus (which I’ve never watched before until tonight) and watch the Rangers celebrate. When I flipped over, the TV scoreboard read ‘Overtime’. I had to make sure I was watching the right game. Alas, there was the beautiful Madison Square Garden, the Blue Shirt skating around the ice, and the Rangers-Capitals tied at 3?! This couldn’t be right. The Rangers were 29-0 when leading after two periods this season. The Garden was rocking after two periods. The Rangers HAD to pull this out right?

Jason Chimera With The Game Winner

It just wasn’t meant to be tonight, Ranger faithful. Jason Chimera tapped in an easy goal in the second overtime to give the Capitals a 4-3 victory and a 3-1 series advantage. The goal occurred after miscommunication between Marion Gaborik and goalie, Hendrik Lundqvist. The puck trickled behind Lundqvist, leading to the easy tap in by Chimera. The Garden was stunned. I couldn’t believe it. And I realize that maybe the 2004 Yankees are off temporarily off the hook for the biggest playoff choke job.

The Rangers had this game in the bag and losing this game virtually ends their season. If they won this game, Jersey Shore boy and the rest of the Twitter universe would be proclaiming that Alex Ovechkin is the most over-rated player ever, that he’s soft, etc. Instead, the Rangers not only embarrassed themselves, but they embarrassed Madison Square Garden and New York. The Rangers suck, no doubt about it.

The Ranger season isn’t over, yet. Game 5 will be played Saturday afternoon at 3:00 PM in Washington. After having one of the worst meltdowns in recent memory, the Rangers will need to dig really, really deep if they want to extend this series. From what I saw tonight, the Ranger season will end Saturday afternoon in Washington.