May all rejoice! The second edition of my weekly MLB power rankings have arrived. With most teams having 15 or 16 games under their belt, we are starting to get a better look at which teams are the real deal. A new team earns the honor of our top spot and my beloved Red Sox fall out of the rankings. Let the debate begin.

All of New York Hates Cliff Lee..

#1 Philadelphia Phillies (10-4)

The Phillies entire bullpen spent two whole days on the bench behind back to back complete game wins from Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee. This kind of pitching dominance is what we have all anticipated and it is what will keep the Phillies in the top tier all season. With a league high team average of .296 and a solid .348 OBP, the new look lineup isn’t doing too bad either…

#2 Colorado Rockies (12-3)

Owner’s of the league’s best record, the Rockies have now showed strength in both sides of the game. Stellar pitching was their claim to fame last period (3.3 runs allowed per game), however this period their pitching allowed a mediocre 4.6 runs/game. But never fear, Troy Tulowitski is here! Tulo and Co. came to the pitching staff’s rescue as they averaged a powerful 6.3 runs/game. All this on the back of Tulo as he hit 4 of his league leading seven homeruns this week. Met fans everywhere rejoined when Tulowitzki left town on Thursday.

#3 Cleveland Indians (11-4)

Believe it sports fans, the Cleveland Indians are 11-4 behind their third series sweep of the season over the Orioles. This team may not have the star power of the other teams in this list but their chemistry and young talent have given them a winning attitude. With a team ERA of 3.16 (5th in the League), this team will be one to watch to in 2011. Just to make sure no one forgot how good he used to be, Grady Sizemore came back on Sunday with a home run in his second at bat.

#4 Cincinnati Reds (9-6)

Behind the hottest offense in the league, the Reds earn the fourth spot in our rankings. This team will live and die by their modest pitching and stellar hitting all season. The real question is whether they will make any in-season moves to bolster the starting rotation and make a true playoff run.

#5 Texas Rangers (10-5)

Last week’s top team has had a few “down-to-earth” moments of late; losing 2 of 3 at both Detroit and Yankee Stadium, and we also saw new starter Alexi Ogando finally allow an earned run (five to NYY). Never the less, the Rangers have ten wins, a league leading 47 runs against, and a top 5 spot in my rankings.

#6 Los Angeles Angels (10-5)

New to the Top 10, the Angels took two of three from the red hot Indians and swept the White Sox this week. Dan Haren and Jared Weaver are now a combined 8-0 with a 1.21 ERA  and 57 K’s. These two guys are big time studs and have helped the Angels to a league 2nd best team ERA of 2.68. This team won’t be able to always count on three homers a week from Howie Kendrick, but the starting duo of Haren and Weaver have this team looking elite as of late.

#7 New York Yankees (9-5)

The Bronx Bombers finally saw Freddy Garcia as a starter and came through with two big wins from the Rangers to end the week. NY Fans everywhere were delighted to see Garcia pitch six innings of two-hit baseball on Saturday and get the win. Now all they can ask for is that Big Bartolo Colon gives them a quality start in his debut as a starter on Wed.

#8 St. Louis Cardinals (8-8)

The Cardinals got five wins and Matt Holiday back from the DL this week. With a +23 run differential, this team is finally starting to look like the team everyone expected them to be. Although Holliday hasn’t added many homers (1), he is now hitting .441 with a .1.235 OPS on the year. With Pujols hitting a quit .237, this team has shown they are capable of winning even if their baseball mashing robot Albert needs a tune up.

#9 Kansas City Royals (10-5)

The youngest team in the majors has won or tied every series they’ve had this season. This team will not be one of the better teams at the end of the year, but they have already shown a level of fight that they obviously lacked last year. With a solid 10-5 record, this team is playing quality baseball and is looking forward to their stacked line of prospects making big strides this season.

#10 San Francisco Giants (8-7)

Closer Brian Wilson used his phenomenal beard to get four saves in four nights this week as the Giants moved to 8-7. The three headed monster of Lincecum, Sanchez, and Cain have a combined ERA under 2.50 and start the upcoming week for San Fran. This combined with Kung Fu panda hitting .340 has the Giants ready for a telling series with the Colorado Rockies this week.

#21 New York Mets (5-11)

The Mets are now 5-11 after taking six losses this week. Without any help from their 28th ranked 5.26 team ERA, this team is going nowhere fast. This lineup is capable of a lot more than hitting .238 with only 9 home runs. Manager Terry Collins needs to find a way to string a few wins together in order to show this teams true potential. On a positive note, Jose Reyes is hitting .315 with six stolen bases already making for some interesting trade possibilities…