Carlos Beltran has been a New York Met since 2005, dating back to the start of the Minaya era. He signed a 7-year, $119 million contract, which was rightfully earned the first four seasons in Flushing. However, the past few years, Beltran has been plagued with injuries, appearing in only 145 games over the last two seasons combined. This year, he is limited to starting only 4-5 games per week, and his legs have really hurt his defensive impact in the outfield. With that said, at this point in his career, Beltran is best suited in the designated hitter role. Which teams would accept a deal for a washed up All-Star? More importantly, what type of return could the Mets expect?


The following teams are potential matches for a Carlos Beltran trade and who they have to offer:

Seattle Mariners: According to MLBTradeRumors, the Mariners are in desperate need of a cleanup hitter. They lack power in the heart of their order and Beltran would slot perfectly in the DH role. Currently, Jack Cust is struggling in that position.

Possible Player Return: Blake Beavan, RHP–1/17/1989 6’7″ 240 lbs–17th overall pick in 2007 draft on Blake Beavan:

Beavan is a huge, powerful righthander who at the tender age of 21 is already showing a 96mph fastball. He also brings a polished slider that acts more like a slurve, with big, loose movement that keeps batters off balance. Even his third pitch, a more traditional changeup, is better than average. (His arsenal resembles no one as much as Francisco Rodriguez, and that’s a pretty good comp.) Despite the fact he’s been a starter so far, his pitches and attitude scream ‘future closer’, so come 2012 or so, it might be time to finish off eight innings of ball, then… leave it to Beaven.

Tampa Bay Rays: The recent retirement of Manny Ramirez leaves Johnny Damon as the sole DH for the Rays. If they play Damon in left field every so often, Beltran would have ample time as a designated hitter against righties and southpaws.

Possible Player Return: Alex Colome, RHP–12/31/1988 6’2″ 184 lbs–International Sign

Michael Herrick from on Alex Colome:

Colome is a bit behind developmentally when compared to your average IFA, as he didn’t sign until age 18 as opposed to the majority that sign at 16.  The Rays have handled him in the same manner they do their HS arms, slow and steady movement up the ladder one level at a time.  He spent 2010 in the MWL, and despite the 14 HR he allowed in his 114 IP he works down in the zone regularly.  With an above average FB that sits in the  low 90’s with good sink to it and an 11-5 curve that flashes plus, Colome has a very good one-two punch in his arsenal.  Colome made some strides with his CU in 2010, it projects to be at least an average pitch with potential for more.  He’ll open 2011 in the the High A Carolina League, where he finished the year with one start.  His main goals should be continued work on the change as well as refining his command and control.  Colome has a high ceiling and when things click for him we’re looking at a potential front line starter.

Kansas City Royals: Billy Butler is the current designated hitter for the Royals, but with Kila Ka’aihue slumping, could move back to first base full time. With a vacant DH slot, Beltran could fill the void. Why wouldn’t the two sides want to reunite with each other?

Possible Player Return: Chris Dwyer, LHP–4/10/1988 6’2″ 210 lbs–4th rounder in 2009 draft

Michael Herrick on Chris Dwyer:

Maybe the least heralded of the Kansas City’s big four LHP’s, Dwyer can certainly hang with the others.  His 12-6 curve gets a plus grade from scouts and it plays up a bit from there with his ability to locate the pitch.  He has above average velocity for a LHP, sitting 91-92 and touching 95.  He worked hard to improve the command of the fastball and he’s not afraid to go after hitters and work on the inner half of the plate.  His change lags behind the other pitches but the FB/CB is so good that an average change still gives his #2 potential.  Dwyer needs to improve his control to reach that ceiling, but I’m a big believer in him.  He’ll be in the loaded Arkansas rotation to open the year and could see time in KC by 2012.

Of course, in any deal, the Mets would have to eat a considerable amount of his contract. Probably most, if not all.

Which team do you think matches up well in a trade for Beltran? Do you think the Mets will be able to deal him?