The Yankee lineup has put on an impressive power display so far. Through nine games, the Bombers have hit eighteen home runs and boast a team slugging percentage of .471. However, the first two hitters in the Yankee lineup have provided very little support. Brett Gardner and Derek Jeter have really struggled so far this season, each hitting below .206 with on-base percentage below .300. This isn’t exactly what the Bombers were expecting out of their table setters. Going forward, should the Bombers make a change at the top?

It’s no secret that Derek Jeter’s struggles date back to the 2010 season. Jeter posted a career worst batting average (.270) and on-base percentage (.340). Frankly, Derek Jeter’s name is the only thing that keeps him atop the Yankee order. Factor in the media backlash that would happen if Girardi moved Jeter down and The Captain will stay at the top of the lineup. But this is the best move for the team? Jeter committed 66% of his outs last year via the ground ball. What about this season? 80% of Jeter’s outs have been ground outs. The spray chart proves that point. Jeter is only hitting .154 against righties this season and the Yankees will face four straight righty starters this week.

Jeter's Spray Chart

Brett Gardner’s game relies on two important facets: speed and patience.

So far, Brett is lacking in both departments. His .265 on-base percentage is hurting the Yankee order and in turn, he has only stolen three bases. Gardner has struck out nine times (five times looking) in 30 at-bats so far, which is far above his 21% K-rate from 2010. Gardner posted a career high .383 on-base percentage in 2010 which resulted in 49 stolen bases. It’s essential for Brett to get back on-base and disrupt the flow of the starting pitcher. We know that Girardi prefers to hit Gardner leadoff against righties and ninth against lefties. With four righties slotted to face the Yankees this week, Gardner needs to get off to a fast start.

For now, I think the Yankees will keep the current lineup situation. Jeter will leadoff against lefties and hit second against righties. Gardner will leadoff against righties and hit ninth against lefties. Jeter and Gardner will assume the most at-bats when righty starters take the mound and right now, that’s hurting the Yankees. The top hitters assume the most at-bats and a winning club can’t afford to have these two hitters post a .185 batting average. The Yankees could tinker with the lineup and slide Russell Martin up in the order, but for now, don’t expect a drastic change.