Attendance figures for the first week’s game have come in. The Yankees have played six home games so far while the Mets have only played three. On average, 2011 attendance figures for the Mets are up since 2010 while the Yankee numbers are down. Blame the cold weather or opponents thus far, but Yankee Stadium has looked virtually dead on television. It’s not much better in person, either. I’ve been to two games thus far and the atmosphere is just dead. A few teams have been selling out games while others have been struggling. Even though it’s very early, here’s a look at 2011 attendance figures.

In 2010, the Yankees averaged an MLB-best 46,491 fans per game, which is 88.9% capacity. The Yankees have¬†chronicled¬†their issues with ticket prices, lack of ticket demand, and third party ticket services. So far in 2011, attendances numbers have been down. Over their first six home games, the Yankees have averaged 42,058 fans, which is 83.6% capacity. The weather is definitely a culprit in the operation, but last Monday’s game against the Twins drew an all-time New Yankee Stadium low of 40,331 fans. Going forward, expect attendance figures to rise as temperatures begin to increase.

The New York Mets have only played three game so far, but the numbers have been impressive so far. The Mets are averaged 35,976 fans (86.1% capacity) per game this weekend against the Washington Nationals. This number is up from last season’s average attendance of 32,401 fans (77.1% capacity). The Mets have been drawing extremely well on the road as well, averaging 37,387 fans (90.4% capacity). Some of that credit goes to playing in Philadelphia (98.2% capacity), but fans always come out for rivalry games.

In terms of average total home attendance, the Yankees rank fifth in baseball while the Mets come in 11th. Here’s a breakdown of the Top 10.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (48,134)

2. Philadelphia Phillies (45,538)

3. Atlanta Braves (43,794)

4. Los Angeles Angels (43,360)

5. New York Yankees (42,058)

6. San Francisco Giants (41,960)

7. Texas Rangers (39,741)

8. Minnesota Twins (39,711)

9. Boston Red Sox (37,509)

10. St. Louis Cardinals (36,991)