The Red Sox are on pace to go 0-162, the Mets open up tonight, the Knicks are back in the playoffs, and Rafael Soriano ducked the media. Smells like another edition of NYSOS’s popular mailbag.

Indian Fans Sweeping Away The Red Sox? Lol.

Ben Asks:

With the Red Sox starting off 0-6, how much do you think the Red Sox will be pressing during Friday night’s home opener?

I don’t think the fans are panicking too much, but the Boston media is known as one of the most ruthless. If the Sox come out flat tonight, the fans will get on them and the media will continue to carve them up. John Lackey and his 22.09 ERA will get the ball tonight.

However, I don’t think the players are panicking nor do I think Francona is panicking too much. There are 156 games left in the season and the Red Sox will turn it around. They have way too much talent NOT to turn it around. This is basically a non-story.

Craig Asks:

Playoff basketball is back in NYC. Given the current Knick winning streak, do you think the momentum will carry into the playoffs?

Hard to say. The Knicks have been so streaky all season. They’ve had spurts of offensive explosive, then spurts of defensive lapses. Mike D’Antoni has been under fire all season long. Even with only four games to go, I really think we have to wait and see how the Knicks play over these last games. If they win three of four, I like their chances of carrying that momentum into the first round.

Chris Asks:

Should Yankee fans be worried that Rafael Soriano ducked out on the media following Tuesday’s meltdown?

At first, I was annoyed. Soriano knows that the part of being a Yankee is facing the music after each game. It was embarrassing that Randy Levine had to call Scott Boras to tell him that Soriano has to talk to the media. Soriano apologized on Wednesday for missing his media spot and answered back yesterday with a big inning against the heart of the Minnesota order.

If he does this crap again, I’ll be kinda pissed off. This isn’t Tampa Bay anymore, Raphie.

Giovanni Asks:

Big Met Home Opener Tonight! Do you see a win coming?

R.A. Dickey takes the ball and will square off against Jordan Zimmerman. Dickey looked impressive in his first start, throwing six innings of shutout ball against the Fish. Dickey is 1-1 with a 4.57 ERA in his career against the Nationals.  The Mets got spanked yesterday against the Phillies and will use that as motivation tonight. I see the Mets winning game, 6-3.