Last night was one of my favorite nights of the year: Wrestlemania. I’ve been a lifelong fan of WWE and I worked at WWE as an intern last year, so you know I was watching. A few moments made the show for me and a few others made me leave the room. Without further delay, here is my Wrestlemania 27 recap..

No, Snooki was not one the memorable moments

Great Moments

1. The Rock: The anticipation had been building for months. The Great One finally came back to Wrestlemania. The Rock electrified his fans from the opening of the show to a few segments in between and delivering a devastating Rock Bottom to John Cena during the WWE Championship match, allowing The Miz to retain his WWE Championship. Afterwards, The Rock delivered my personal favor move, The People’s Elbow, to the reigning WWE Champion. The Rock electrified not only the WWE fans, but also Wrestlemania’s buy rate.

2. The Undertaker: For the non-hardcore WWE fan, the Undertaker had an impressive 18-0 record heading into Wrestlemania 27. His opponent? Triple H. The Cerebral Assassain. Triple H and Taker had a classic match that featured three pedigrees, a tumbstone piledriver delivered by Hunter, and ultimately a ‘Hells Gate’ submission move by Taker to increase his ‘Mania record to 19-0. After the match, Taker could barely walk and needed assistance to the back. I think he has one more ‘Mania match left in him to get to 20-0.

3. Edge Destroys Del Rio’s Car: World Heavyweight Champion, Edge successfully defended his title against Royal Rumble winner, Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio, known for being a Mexican aristocrat, always drives into the arena in a very expensive car. Today, Del Rio arrived in a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit. After Edge defeated Del Rio via the Spear, The R-Rated Superstar proceeded to destroy Del Rio’s Rolls Royce. Another classic Mania moment.

Honorable Mention: Randy ‘The Legend Killer’ Orton defeated CM Punk. The entire Wrestlemania set (Vince always goes big)

Terrible Moments

1. Snooki: Now, here’s my thing about Snooki. Yes, she’s funny to watch on the ‘Jersey Shore’ (which I love). Yes, she’s a bit of an airhead. However, that doesn’t mean she’s going to drive up buy-rates for doing a seven minute Wrestlemania spot. The fans were even booing her when she first came out and I took bathroom break.

Snooki was a member of John Morrison and Trish Stratus’s (who made a long awaited return) tag team in a match against Dolph Ziggler and ‘Lay-Cool’. Snooki ended up pinning Michelle McCool of Lay-Cool for the victory, but she did some horrible round-off, back hand spring combo before that.

I understand the rationale of getting Snooki, but at the end of the day, she cuts into the money that the guys who travel 300+ days per year get. Big Snooki fan during Thursday nights on ‘Jersey Shore’. Not a big fan at one of the biggest events of the year.

2. Use of John Morrison: Following up on the ‘Snooki’ spot, WWE did not use John Morrison properly. Fans knew that this match was going to be all about Snooki, so why waste your most athletic performer in a match like this? Anyone who can do this move should not even be within 500 feet of a Snooki, ok.

Overall, Wrestlemania was pretty good this year. The Rock definitely stole the show at the end like everyone expected him to. The Undertaker-Triple H match was the highlight of the show as both men are two of the best performers I’ve ever seen in WWE.

To Vince, no Snooki’s next year.