Brian Cashman told the media yesterday that he felt like reliever, Pedro Feliciano was ‘abused’ by his last team, the Mets. Feliciano is currently dealing with a shoulder injury and has been placed on the 15-day disabled list. Feliciano averaged 88 appearances for the Mets over the last three seasons and taken on a workload greater than any other pitcher.

Knowing those facts, Cashman did not hesistate to sign Feliciano to a two-year, $8 million contract in the off-season. Given Cashman’s unlimited financial resources, in-depth player scouting, and basically every other advantage known to baseball man, why sign a guy who you think may be on the brink of an injury. We already have one lefty reliever (Damaso Marte) that will not pitch until at least the second half of the season. We don’t need another.

There’s no denying Feliciano’s peripherals against lefties, (.214 BAA; .211 BAA in 2010), but if he can’t stay on the field, it’s a bad signing. Plus, even if there was a question about his health, the red flags automatically go up.  Given all of his advantages, Cashman should be the last person whining about other teams. It just shows bad form for the Yankee organization. I”m a big Brian fan, but in this case, shut up Cash.