Via Bryan Hoch, the Yankees have traded long reliever Sergio Mitre to the Brewers for Triple A center fielder, Chris Dickerson. Dickerson is a career .282/.382/.440 hitter in the Triple A and has a career 15.5 UZR. The soon-to-be 28-year-old was awful last season (.206/.250/.268 in 106 PA), but he hit .283/.383/.440 with 16 steals while with the Reds from 2008-2009 (421 PA). Dickerson has one option remaining. In light of the Granderson injury, Dickerson gives the Yankees extra outfield depth.

This trade brings an end to Mitre’ two-year career in the Bronx. Mitre wasn’t spectacular with the Yankees and with the Spring Training invitees and added bullpen depth, he was pushed away down the totem pole.

All things considered, this trade means that Ivan Nova, Freddy Garcia, and Bartolo Colon will make the team. Colon is really making a strong push for the rotation this spring. In 15 innings, Colon has allowed four runs, one walk while striking out 17. Garcia hasn’t been as good, giving up nine runs in 13 innings while striking out 12, but he should still be the team’s fifth starter.

In case one of the free agent veterans go down, the Yankees signed free agent starter Kevin Millwood to a minor league deal. The Yankees gave Millwood no guaranteed money. He was signed to a pro-rated $1.5 million deal with incentives, but he has to be on the Yankees’ 25-man big league roster by May 1 or the deal is void. Millwood will go to extended spring training and serves as insurance for Garcia and Colon, both of whom appear to have made the team.

I talked about Millwood six weeks ago. I used this statement which is actually close to what happened..

His asking price is a little high, but I think the Yankees would become interested if he lowered his demands to a $2 million base with a bunch of incentives. Something likeFreddy Garcia got, except for a guaranteed roster spot.

It’s 100% low risk for the Yanks and I like all of the moves they made today.