We’ve gone through all 28 rounds of our annual fantasy baseball draft. Everyone’s team is set and all of the owners are chomping at the bit to get this thing started. Today, I’m going to give a brief overview of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. You can find complete rosters within the last four articles of our draft recap.

No More Drinking, Miggy

Jeff Steinberg, NYSOS Staff Writer
Overview: Jeff definitely has the youngest team. All of Jeff’s starting pitchers are under 27-years-old and he has youth in his infield with Buster Posey, Hanley Ramirez, Pedro Alvarez, and Starlin Castro.

Strengths: Jeff’s 1-2 pitching combo of Ubaldo Jimenez and David Price may be the best young duo in the league. Add in his deep bullpen that includes John Axford, Frank Francisco, and the Braves relievers, and Jeff should be set with saves.

Weaknesses: Overall, I think Jeff reached on a lot of players. Taking Jeremy Hellickson in the 14th round was a bit advantageous. Same notion goes for Jason Bay in the 17th.

Mike Ulatoski, NYSOS Staff Writer (Last year: First place)

Overview: In my opinion, Mike has the best team on paper. He saw great value picks fall to him all over the draft. Jayson Werth in the eighth was a steal and Prince Fielder in the fifth was just unfair. Hard not to like a pitching rotation anchored by Tim Lincecum and Justin Verlander.

Strengths: Mike has Albert Pujols so he has the best hitter on the planet. Invader Zim at third base and a resurgence from Ian Kinsler will help Mike defend his title.

Weaknesses: Mike’s outfield is his only weak spot. After Jayson Werth, Mike has question marks with Jay Bruce, Chris Young, Adam Jones, and Colby Rasmus.

Adam Poedubicky, NYSOS Staff Writer (Last year, Fourth place)

Overview: Talk about Yankee-bias from Mr. Poe. Adam has nine Yankees and ex-Yankee Carl Pavano on his team.

Strengths: Adam has a great 1-2-3 trio of Cliff Lee, Josh Johnson, and Mat Latos anchoring his rotation. All three pitchers figure to be among the leaders in ERA. I like Adam’s selection of A-Rod in the second round. Mr. Popcorn has been murdering pitching during Spring Training.

Weaknesses: Relief pitching. Adam has the best closer of all time, but he may not have a ton of saves after that. Neftali Feliz wants to join the Ranger rotation and Francisco Cordero has a very short-leash in Cincy. Adam can add saves later in the year, but will likely suffer early on.

Matt Vereb, NYSOS Editor (Last year, third place)

Overview: I like my team a lot. I selected the best player available for the first seven rounds and let the value fall to me after that. It’s hard to do better than Miguel Cabrera and Joey Votto with your first two picks. I’m set up with power and batting average. (Don’t be a knucklehead, Miggy).

Strengths: Power. I have a lot of home run hitters on my team. Cabrera, Votto, Jose Bautista, Nelson Cruz, Mike Stanton, and Mike Napoli should help me win the weekly home run title crown. I also added a good amount of speed with Rafael Furcal, Dustin Pedroia, Alex Rios, Juan Pierre, and Rajai Davis.

Weaknesses: Health/Inconsistency. I definitely took some risks by drafting player who had injuries last season. Dustin Pedroia and Nelson Cruz missed large portions of last season. The jury is still out on Jose Bautista and Aramis Ramirez. If these players can stay healthy and produce, I like my chances.

Steve Fiorenza, Avid NYSOS Reader

Overview: First thing I notice about Steve’s squad? The outfield. Fio has Matt Kemp as a third outfielder! His outfield of Ryan Braun, Josh Hamilton, Matt Kemp, Curtis Granderson, and Michael Bourn is the best in the league.

Strengths: Steve’s team is very hitter-heavy. In addition to the solid outfield, Steve has Ryan Howard, Evan Longoria, Elvis Andrus, and Pablo Sandoval in the infield. Add in the emerging Carlos Santana and this team will be one of the best offensive clubs.

Weaknesses: The starting pitching. Steve has Dan Haren and Chris Carpenter anchoring his rotation. Carpenter has dealt with injuries during Spring Training and Haren experienced a very erratic 2010 campaign with the D’Backs and Angels. Yovani Gollardo has the makings of an ace, but hasn’t put it all together yet. His relievers though (Carlos Marmol, Joakim Soria, and Joe Nathan) are very strong.

Kenny Mauss, NYSOS Staff Writer (Last Year, Sixth place)

Overview: Kenny has the best infield among the NYSOSers. Having an infield consisting of Brian McCann, Mark Teixiera, Ben Zobrist, David Wright, Troy Tulowitzki, Mark Reynolds, and Jose Reyes is the best in the league.

Strengths: Outside of the infield, Kenny has two young studs anchoring his rotation in Clayton Kershaw and Tommy Hanson.

Weaknesses: Bullpen. Kenny has the erratic Jonathan Papelbon and the injured Andrew Bailey as relievers. Kenny added Leo Nunez late, but he isn’t anything special. Saves will be an early issue.

Dan Shaw, NYSOS Staff Writer

Overview: Alike Steve, I really like Dan’s outfield. Carl Crawford, Matt Holliday, Ichiro, BJ Upton, and Vernon Wells gives Dan a big advantage over the competition. I liked the value Dan got with Jimmy Rollins in the 12th and Kendry Morales in the 13th.

Strengths: Dan has the best pitcher in the game in Roy Halladay. In addition to Doc, Dan has Matt Cain, Zack Greinke, and Francisco Liriano. Dan will normally win the strikeout category.

Weaknesses: Bullpen. Dan waited until the 15th round to select his first reliever in K-Rod. Dan also has Huston Street and Drew Storen, so expect him to be active on the wavier wire early in the year.

Scott Kasper, Avid NYSOS Reader

Overview: Another very, very good outfield jumps off the page. Andrew McCutchen, Shin Soo Choo, Jacoby Ellsbury, Nick Swisher, and Adam Lind gives Scott a blend of power, speed, and stability. Scott has the best 1-2 pitching combo in King Felix and Big Poppa.

Strengths: Pitching, pitching, pitching. After his two aces, Scott has flamethrowers Jonathan Sanchez, Shaun Marcum, Wandy Rodriguez, and Chad Billingsley. I like Scott’s late selection of Brian Matsuz as well.

Weaknesses: Bullpen. Scott’s pen is anchored by JJ Putz and Chris Perez. Perez was great during 2010, but can he replicate that production in 2011? The bullpen is going to be a point of contention for many teams in this league.